how much did you lose AFTER pregnancy?

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how much did you lose? how long did it take you do lose it? what are you doing to lose the weight?


  • sardelsa
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    Baby #1 I gained 45lbs, within the first week or so lost about 20 lbs, took about 4 months to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, had to work on composition though so I started tracking my food intake and lifting weights

    Baby #2 I gained 35lbs, again lost about 20lbs shortly after, now I am about 6 weeks pp and I am 7lbs away from pre-pregnancy. Pregnancy #2 I was very active but didn't track food and ate whatever I wanted. To lose most of the weight, so far it's just breastfeeding and some lifting which just recently started up again
  • thegirlwthegreenapple
    My first baby I gained 55 lbs but lost it all by tracking but eating far too little--I rebounded about 10 lbs the next month and it took another 6 months to permanently lose it.

    With my second baby I gained 55 lbs as well but was less aggressive and focused in trying to lose it after--no tracking, just lots of running and eating ish healthy. I lost more steadily, and it was gone and stayed gone by 8 months. It took longer than us like but was a happier and healthier experience for sure.

    Here I am expecting #3 and hoping for the best of all worlds: gain only 30 lbs, then track to lose weight after but not set an unrealistically low calorie target weight so that I can lose steadily but for good without rebounding and still not have it take too long. Wish me luck! I'm not due until October though so my current focus is keeping my pregnancy gain healthy.
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    Thanks for posting! I'm a first time mom and also curious.
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    I gained up to 45 pounds with my other 3 and for the first two I had lost it all within a couple of months (e.g. 3), just eating normally, breastfeeding and taking baby for walks. For some reason, the last time I never lost it, despite not doing anything different. So this time I started off heavier and have therefore tried to gain less (and was doing really well until I hit third trimester when my weight started skyrocketing).

    Anyway, I did some 'research' on what other women who had not gained much had lost in the few weeks after birth, as I was curious to see if all my efforts to gain less would mean that there was less fluid etc. so that the post delivery weightloss would be more slow. By research I mean reading threads similar to this one on other forums. Not very scientific, but this is what I found. The columns are how many pounds they gained, how many they said the lost 'after birth' and how many days/week if they specified. So the lady on the third line
    gained 18 pounds, and lost 26 pounds within 2 weeks of giving birth.

    Gained - Lost- Timeframe
    13 21
    11 24
    18 26 2w
    16 9 5d
    18 26 3w
    22 23 2w
    15 24 7d
    11 14
    15 15 1w then another 10 by 6w
    12 32 2w
    1 30 2-3w
    20 22 post delivery
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    With my son, I gained 25 pounds and lost it within about 1 month. But my body was of course different... still, I was wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes. My tummy just needed a bit more time to shrink back into place, which I was fine with. I ate less and walked daily as soon as I felt good, I think I was in the gym doing elliptical around 2 weeks postpartum. But I felt great overall. I hope I can do the same this time around, but we'll see. I think it may be a bit more difficult since my two pregnancies were only 6 months apart. I did not breastfeed and this did not affect my ability to lose weight.
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    Oh and also I was a little nervous because my baby was 8 pounds 6oz and when I got home I had only lost about 6 pounds!!! It did not make sense to me. But I think it was all the fluids and etc.
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    I gained 25 lbs with my son. Six weeks later, I had lost 20 of the 25 without any effort. After that, my weight bounced around, and I never fully lost those last 5 pounds. I wasn't as active as I am now and definitely did not eat great. Motherhood was a big adjustment to me, and I found myself stress eating a lot which definitely didn't help my weight loss journey.

    Anyways, I have hopes that this time will be different. I've been exercising throughout my pregnancy and hope to lose whatever I gain and then some :)
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    With my oldest, I gained around 20, having started overweight. I lost all of this by the 6 week check up.

    With my youngest, I started heavier than I delivered my oldest, gained around 25, and was back to pre-pregnancy weight within 3 months.

    This time, it is my goal to keep my weight under 205 (I was at 185 when I got my BFP).
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    I gained 18 lbs total and lost it all by the 2 week mark. It took about 4 weeks for my stomach to go back to normal, but there was still loose skin overtop. Now at the 11 week mark everything is completely back to normal and i have a visible 8-pack. We'll see how things go with #2.
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    I lost the 14 lbs I gained with my first as soon as I had given birth. Lost another 45 lbs and got down to my goal of 120 lbs+a flat stomach in two years, but I took a lot of breaks and practiced maintenance habits so I was ready when I did get to goal. (Plus I like to think it gave my body plenty of time to adjust as the fat came off and I shrank down)

    I just used MFP and exercised at home whenever my whirlwind let me. I was out walking the day I got home from the hospital, and just tried to stay moving!
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    Well, this thread is a little old, but I will answer anyway. With my second, I gained around 45 lbs. I lost about 20 lbs within 2 weeks. so I still had around 25 lbs to lose. I lost about 6 more lbs in 2 months. By 7 months pp, I had lost 30lbs total. By 9 months after spending a lot of time and effort watching my eating and working out, I lost all 45 lbs. It was very hard for me. Breastfeeding hindered my weight loss as I found if I cut my intake, my supply would drop. This does happen to some people.
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    Hi ladies,

    I've set up a postpartum weight loss group where we can hopefully encourage each other with weight loss after pregnancy. Hope to see you there soon! Good luck with your pregnancies.