Day 31 final challenge All teams report here

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5 one minute planks earns you $500... Post your favorite part of this challenge group for another $500..good luck!


  • pattycakes33333
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    Day 31
    2.25 Miles walked: $225
    Complete diary: $50
    Under calorie goal: $200
    8 cups water: $50
    Strength training for 10 mins: $50
    5- 1 minute planks: $500
    Total: $1075

    I liked the challenges each day! It was fun to do different exercises!
  • 2manyhats
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    Day 31
    Diary $50
    Water $50
    8 miles walked $800
    Strength 20 minutes $100
    5-1 min planks $500
    5-1 min wall sit $500
  • tami101
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    Day 31
    5 miles walked $500
    Food journal complete $50
    9 cups of water $50
    5 1 minute planks $500

    My favorite part of this challenge group was the keeping me motivated even when I wasn't feeling great. $500

  • Wooken3
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    Day 31
    biked 13.2 miles - $660
    food journal complete - $50
    Under calorie goal - $200
    8 cups of water - $50

    Total - $960
  • tialynn1
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    Day 31
    Walked 7 miles - 700
    My favorite part of the challenge was trying to complete the daily challenges. I felt really good. But, then I got sick right before Easter and still have a bad cough. Can't shake. I hope this weekend, I can completely rid myself of it. April will be a good month.

    Total - 1200
  • ChristineBetlewicz911
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    I looked for the challenge earlier, but couldn't find it... And I'm too tired to do it now. Plus I showered already and I don't want to get back in bed all sweaty... So...
    6.38 miles for $638
    Diary complete $50
    Under calorie goal $200
    Water $50
    And I like the daily challenges... Especially the ones I can break down into smaller groups and do during breaks at work... Like jumping jacks in the bathroom! $500
  • glenncomiskey
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    Day 31
    Miles biked: 31.5 - $1575 (
    Food journal completed: $50
    Under calories for day: $200
    Pound lost (since last weigh-in): 4 - $400

    Total: $2225
  • phylsyl
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    Day 31
    Completed Diary. $50
    Under calories. $200
    8+ glasses of water. $50
    Senior balance class, 50 minutes. $250
    2 miles walked. $200
    My favorite part of the challenge was that it encouraged me to do strength exercises, and I could adapt the more difficult ones to my ability level. Thanks, Lisa and Sean!
  • GrandmaJackie
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    March 31

    8.75 miles run/walk - $100 per mile $875
    0 Miles biked - $50 per mile $ 0
    Strength training - $5 per minute minutes 15 mins $75
    Food journal completed -$50 done
    Under calories for day -$200 done
    Minimum 8 cups water -$50 done
    Daily special challenge completed - $ 1000 (doubled)
    Total $2250

    My favorite part of the challenge was also the strength for the same reason, it encouraged me to do more. Looking forward to Aprils, :)
  • Loskene
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    Day 31
    Completed Diary. $50
    Under calories. $200
    8 glasses of water. $50
    1 mile run. $100
    2 miles walked $200
    Challenge $500
    Total: $1100

    My favorite part of the month was the anticipation and variety of the new challenges each day which forced me to do something different - activating different muscles and improving core strength.
    Thanks, Lisa and Sean!
  • MurallyAnn
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    Day 31
    walked 8 miles $800.00 CONGRATULATIONS TEAM OMEROSA WE DID IT!!!
    drank 8 waters $50
    completed food diary $50
    under calories $200
    Total: $1100

    Thank you so much for your time and devotion Sean and Lisa! It has been a busy month for me and my family but I have managed to lose 2# so I am happy with that. I enjoyed the challenges when I was able to get them in. This month I'm really going to push myself to do them everyday! This group has helped me get back into drinking the water, charting my food and logging in daily and I thank you both. Hello April..........I'm ready to step it up!
  • mfkellam
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    128 lost 6 lbs
  • aseymour13
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    hmmm - I posted and for some reason it disappeared

    Day 31
    Walked : 7.51 miles = $751
    Food journal = $50
    Under Calories = $200
    Min 8 glasses of water = $50

    This group has helped me refocus and get my motivation back. You guys are awesome.

    (The challenge wasn't posted when I was online yesterday so I didn't see it until this morning). :/

  • theparnellslisa
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    My favorite part of the group is that it embraces the abilities of a wide range of people and offers inclusion regardless of your physical capabilities:)

  • tamikawoodson
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    Walked 2.2 miles $200
    journal complete$50
    under calories $200
    13 cups water $50
    Final Challenge $500
    Total $1500
    ($500)My favorite part was the flexibility and diversity of the challenges. I was doing part of them at work with co-workers and the rest at home.March was a very busy month for me and April will be twice as busy with work, my charity commitments and family
  • tinacuso
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    Day 31
    Walked 3.5 miles = $350

    Thank you Sean and Lisa for all of your hard work on this. My favorite part of this group was that it kept me focused even when the going got tough.
  • SkinnyMel78
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    day 31

    8miles $800
    water complete $50
    under calories $200

    total 1050

    Thank you for this group! The best part was keeping moving and motivated to earn "money" for my team! I fell off in the middle of the months, due to some family issues but tried to end the month strong!

  • stephzub
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    Walked 4.54 miles
    completed diary
    8+ water
    under calorie goal