March 31st Weigh-in (Mar 31st - Apr 7th)

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The weight loss results for March 31st can be submitted between March 31st and April 7th.

Please copy and paste the following into a new message and fill in your information:




  • jsecret
    jsecret Posts: 606 Member
    SW: 213
    CW:208.8 (down 4.2 lbs)
  • michaeyayyyy
    michaeyayyyy Posts: 67 Member
    CW:260(down 1lbs)
    GW:205 does this (175 overall)
  • Be_Lively
    Be_Lively Posts: 145 Member
    SW for challenge: 257
    CW: 251!!!!
    GW for challenge: 202

    I am actually weighing in at 250 this morning but don't want to call it that unless it sticks!
  • Bunnyswife
    Bunnyswife Posts: 5 Member
    SW: 251
    CW: 251
    GW: 196 (180 overall)
  • kksmom1789
    kksmom1789 Posts: 281 Member
    SW: 181.4
    CW: 181.4
    GW: 156.4
  • fromnebraska
    fromnebraska Posts: 153 Member
    SW (March 22, 2016): 194
    CW: 191.4
    GW: 139
  • amylynn082
    amylynn082 Posts: 7 Member
    SW: 185.2
    CW: 181.8
    GW: 140

    Down 2.4 lbs this week, which is super exciting for me! :) Especially since I fell off the wagon in a major way last weekend with a crazy bout of stress eating. Off to pack food for the family trip this weekend (my chicken, carrots, etc...and then everyone else's chips, brownies, etc.) Stay strong! :)
  • ScottW3142
    ScottW3142 Posts: 498 Member
    SW 306.4
    CW 303
    GW 251 (for challenge)
  • marylmartin22
    marylmartin22 Posts: 5 Member
    SW 200
    CW 194.7
    GW 145
  • History1027
    History1027 Posts: 68 Member
    SW 240 (Feb 17th)
    CW 227.2
    GW 170 (for this challenge)
  • gibbs1993
    gibbs1993 Posts: 23 Member
    SW: 282
    CW: 277
    GW: 227
    Total loss for this weigh-in: 5 lbs

    Right on track to lose 10 lbs a month for the next 5 months and achieve the goal of this challenge!
  • Be_Lively
    Be_Lively Posts: 145 Member
    Great job everyone!!
  • Elpha25
    Elpha25 Posts: 20 Member
    Started late - month of April here I come ☺️!
  • Elpha25
    Elpha25 Posts: 20 Member
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    Well done everyone
  • JuliaDiscoFit
    JuliaDiscoFit Posts: 20 Member
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    SW: 200
    W1: 194 (25.3.16)
    W2: 195 (31.3.16)
    GW: 245

    Struggles: Expected to gain because I lost the initial 6 pounds during a week I had tonsillitis and ear infection. I'm trying to make sure it doesn't jump up too much post illness. Not too upset with this result. :)
  • Mirabelle_Out
    Mirabelle_Out Posts: 151 Member
    SW: 258
    CW: 251.6
    GW: 205

    Woo hoo down 4 pounds this week!!!
  • bpkal
    bpkal Posts: 59 Member
    Starting Weight (Feb 2): 209
    Weight last Friday (Mar 25): 187.8
    Weight today (Apr 1): 183.6
    Goal: 139
  • nsellers21
    nsellers21 Posts: 7 Member
    SW for challenge 216.8
    CW 210.8
    GW for challenge 161.8

    Lost total of 6 pounds for March challenge. Grand total for March though was 11 pounds since I started on March 10th. Was kinda worried that 10 pounds a month might be too hard to do but I now see its entirely possible!!

    Good job everyone! WE CAN do this!!
  • poojaknsl
    poojaknsl Posts: 82 Member
    SW: 205 lb
    CW: 198.5 lb
    GW: 150 lb

    I started on March 15th, so i lost a total of 6.5 lb but from past 7 days i am not making any progress. I am watching my calories in. Restricted to nearly 1400 a day. Not eating out. In march i ate inly once outside that to subways veggie 6' inch sub. Doing exercise for one hour daily. I dont know where i am doing wrong. I am not progressing at all now. Somebody can help me that will be great.
  • Amay33
    Amay33 Posts: 66 Member
    CW-215.4 ( down 7.2 )

    Been a roller coaster, I have a ill family member and knowing their time will soon be ending is very hard for me. I have so many emotions these past few weeks I don't know where I'm heading ( mentally ). Most of the weight loss is from my weight just going up and down like a roller coaster.