Welcome & Suggestion for Sit Less Boot Camp!

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It's great seeing so much interest in Sit Less Boot Camp! Thank you all for joining us in May for a month of sitting less and moving more. I'm Denise and I'll be co-leading this effort with Auna, who leads the Challenge-A-Day group. I think Auna must be away at the moment, but no worries...she will be back soon and we will be kicking off SLBC promptly this Sunday, May 1st.

I have a suggestion I wanted to share with you based on our two previous Boot Camps. Most people who do the majority of the daily challenges and review the resources we provide online say they get a lot out of the month. They learn new things, get ideas, develop some new sit-less strategies...exactly what we are hoping you get from SLBC. But unfortunately, there isn't a way for us to reach out to each of you through MFP and let you know what today's challenge is (I wish there was!). To participate, you'll need to come back to the Challenge-A-Day Group page (http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/52-a-challenge-a-day) and see what the daily challenge is. So whatever your reminder system is (some people switch their browser home page to the Challenge-A-Day page for the month) if you are eager to fully participate you might want to give a reminder some thought.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions. I am here to help! See you Sunday!



  • tiffanylacourse
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    Thanks for doing this! I'm always looking for ways to get more movement in my day. I got a Fitbit Charge HR about a month ago and that is definitely helping me to move more throughout the day. Definitely worth the investment. Excited for this challenge to start! :mrgreen:
  • Roseygirl1
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    Need help with this and very happy to see this Challenge!
  • Linda_10
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    I'm very glad to have found this Challenge, I think it will help me to be more mindful of my daily goals.
  • hmrey76
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    What a great challenge! I sit all day at work...this will be a nice thing to do! :)
  • jlemoore
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    I have been using my standing desk almost 100% of the time right now. But I still need more daily activities to force myself away from my computer.
  • WithGodICanDoThis
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    I definitely need this!! Thanks.
  • stcara
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    Ok to do this at work (I work in an open plan with others around me - I'll try to get them involved)? Noticed the challenge mentions "home or laptop."
  • themedalist
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    Stcara, I think "home or laptop" just refers to where ever you are and however you connect to MFP. Phones and tablets work as well. I am so excited to see such enthusiasm and can't wait to get started! Sitting less and moving more has made a huge difference in my life. Auna and I are excited to share what we've learned and learn from all of you as well.
  • Rocknut53
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    I definitely need to do this. 5 pounds to go til goal and the weather in Montana has been horrendous so I'm not as active as I typically am this time of year. This may help.
  • babbyb1
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    Just joined. Cannot wait for the start on May 1.
  • SusanFinck
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    Just joined. Going to give this challenge a try.
  • SilverSheWolf55
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    I'm right there with the rest of you. I hope to get up and move, but being a receptionist, it's hard to get up and away from the telephones. NO ONE likes to answer when I go on break or lunch. Maybe I can just get up and move around my desk. Either way, I'm giving this my best shot! :)
  • candycec3
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    This is going to be fun!!!!!
  • hollyhock1009
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    I'm in. After retiring 1 1/2 years ago, I became too sedentary. I'm trying to increase my activity, so this sounds perfect.
  • bgdawg76
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    I drive to appointments all day long. This is going to be a great way for me to get out of the car more often!
  • 111grace
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    Hi I am joining this May 31 day challenge to become more mindful of sitting less and moving more. 1. Going to go back to standing desk. 2. & Use my step monitor. Thanks for posting :)
  • 77tes
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    Changing this to my home page - great idea!