Maternity belt

lauraaleshire Posts: 15 Member
Have you used a maternity band for better support? Used it to jog? Would you recommend it? Why/why not? I'm carrying differently this time and feeling some pressure on my lower back that didn't happen the first pregnancy.


  • packersfan0103
    packersfan0103 Posts: 250 Member
    I would also like some input from anyone on this. I'm carrying twins.
  • EmmaDetermined
    EmmaDetermined Posts: 115 Member
    I did as I had SPD and very big babies. I got my from an obstetric physio, so it was properly fitted. I did find it helped, but it was also a bit uncomfortable (esp. when sitting) so I tended to use it when I knew I would be walking a lot but not on office days etc.
  • enterdanger
    enterdanger Posts: 2,447 Member
    I've never used one. My 2nd was a 10lber and I carried very low all pregnancy, but I was hot all the time (yes and due in february, flip flops in the snow) and I just couldn't see adding another layer. Of course, I was complete slug and never exercised during my 1st two pregnancies. That's what landed me on MFP.