Day 29

theparnellslisa Posts: 390 Member
Today's challenge is to sign up for July challenge for $500 if you have signed up prior to this posting of the challenge then you have earned an additional $500!!:)


  • GrandmaJackie
    GrandmaJackie Posts: 33,495 Member
    Yahooooooooo!!!!!!!! I love this challenge!!!!!!!
  • 2manyhats
    2manyhats Posts: 1,084 Member
    What a brilliant thought!
  • phylsyl
    phylsyl Posts: 289 Member
    Oh, OK, if you're going to bribe us! Maybe it will keep me on track during vacation.
  • cds2001
    cds2001 Posts: 797 Member
    I'll be signing up for July even though I said I wasn't. I'll do a group search and see if I can find it (haven't seen a link anywhere yet) I'll be moving at some point in July so my logging will probably be for several days worth at a time. I'll try to keep up!