Expatmommy79 Posts: 940 Member
When will it get better?

Last workout was Friday morning. By Sunday Afternoon I am still sore. So sore. Can't have my kids touch me sore.

I love the workout but holy moly this is a really long time to be out of commission!!


  • Expatmommy79
    Expatmommy79 Posts: 940 Member
    It's my quads. The rest of me is ok. But my quads.... :'(
  • Ariadnula
    Ariadnula Posts: 435 Member
    It'll get better quickly, I promise! You'll get used to the lifts and it won't hurt like that. in fact, even next week will be better. You'll be fine!
  • auzziecawth
    auzziecawth Posts: 244 Member
    I do stretching on a vibration plate after and I haven't had doms once (which is crazy because I always get them bad and lasting for days)
  • Bmoremama
    Bmoremama Posts: 84 Member
    Are you sure you're going deep enough in your squat? My quads hurt until I fixed my form.
  • Notaphase
    Notaphase Posts: 81 Member
    Someone told me I would one day miss the doms and I thought she was crazy. But she was right. I've read enough to know that a lack of doms doesn't mean that I had an easy workout but it still didn't feel like I did enough when I wake up feeling fine. Your doms will ease up in time (took me about two weeks). Drink lots of water, stretch and work through the soreness. Good luck!
  • Expatmommy79
    Expatmommy79 Posts: 940 Member
    Thanks all. Things have gotten much better. In my 3rd week now and while I get mild soreness, nothing like when I posted this. So all is well :)