I am on the waiting list for Bariatric surgery. i am very nervous

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I chickend out of the process last year and my doctor had to resend my application. I know I have been trying to lose weight for years and my doctor says that I am a promising candidate. but I know there are some huge risks.I just hope someone here can reassure my jangled nerves. I may have to wait for a couple of months for the evaluation. ( I am 297 which is sometimes too light for bariatric.) so wow I'm too light for something maybe. hopefully they will do the surgery because of all my obstacles. and i have diabetes now. not just from the weight but mostly due to medication interactions. but I need the meds. so I am hoping that they agree to do it. oh my this was rambly but I hope someone here can sooth my nerves. is it really so dangerous as the web says?:


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    I had vertical sleeve on July 7 and it's the best decision ever. My highest weight was 237, but I am only 5 feet tall.I also was diabetic, I haven't taken a pill for diabetes since my surgery. Everyone's journey is different, but I don't regret it for a minute. You still need to eat better and workout because the surgery is only a tool.
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    It'll all be fine. It's a battle to get there but you are in the other side before you know it. I was 367.9 when I had mine. I wish I had done it sooner - when I was on the lighter side.
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    I had the gastric sleeve in February of this year and it was the right decision for me. There is a group here on MFP for weight loss surgery people. It's not that active but here is the link if you're interested in joining. http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/637-gastric-bypass-vsg-lapband
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    Thank you all After hearing that you dont regret it it makes me feel a little better. :)
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    Any hands up for having surgery and not regretting it - you'll be just fine and I'm sure it'll be the best decision you ever made :-)
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    You will do great, stay focused on our goal.
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    Hi! I am going through the process for bypass surgery..that was my doctor's suggestion so that it offers me a little more "insurance" since he said most people gain some weight back after surgery. I was going to opt for the sleeve but decided to take his advice.

    I finish my medically supervised part of the process on February 23rd (down 20.8 since Nov 20th), so surgery will be May/June 2016. I have the endoscopy this morning so now getting nervous..any thoughts about surgery and the process? Appreciate any feedback!
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    You are ahead of me jcavanna2, i just went for my orientation today. i know i posted this a while back but i did chicken out before my last orientation. so i had to wait to be back on the list. but it seems very involved. a whole life change. i am very nervous but seriously considering it. i have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes as well as sleep apnea, i am only 37 for crissakes. so i need to do something. soon.
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    I had a bypass in Dec 2014, also on doctors advice/orders and haven't regretted it.
    There are more implications with a bypass, ie foods you cant eat, alcohol reacts differently, need to take multivitamins but the overall gain is fantastic.

    Each of us if different, but I went into hospital taking 12 tablets and only needed 7 when I left. High blood pressure tablets were one of the ones I was able to stop taking :)

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    High my name is Amy and I would like to join the group. I am tentitively scheduled for the sleeve in October 2016. Saw the RD yesterday. My diet is to be high protein, 64 oz of water, lots of non-starching vegetables, no snacking, and 30 gm of CHO at meals. Any advise or suggestions appreciated.
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    I have to go through a 6 month diet because of insurance but I am scheduled for the sleeve after that. I think it's the best decision I could make for myself. I wish you luck in your journey!
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    I'm on the waiting list here in the UK for a Bypass hopefully in September/October this year :) I'm sure you'll do great!

    look forward to seeing how you get on with your Journey!

    Meg x
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    Process is moving along. I have seen the nurse and the social worker and the Psychiatrist. (more important for me than for some other people as i suffer from a severe mental illness and medications must be changed to suit the post surgery body without losing my mind. also they want to check that i am mentally able to have the surgery. but yes i am about half way through the process. still nervous but feeling better day by day
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    Hi rce, I'm also preparing for surgery. I have 5 more months of "health coach" consultations before my insurance will approve me so that puts me having surgery in December. I feel a little scared when I think about going in and laying down on a table and having had surgery before, I know that I'll become very nervous that day but now I spend my time looking for people's before and after pictures and stories about their experience so my goal stays in my mind.
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    You'll do great and after experiencing the weight loss, you won't regret it. I had gastric bypass May 2015. My high weight was 321 and I'm currently at 165. It's been a great, although not easy, experience and I'm very happy I chose to have the surgery.
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    I'm new to the site! I'm currently in the process of medical weight management (only 3 months necessary) for the sleeve, when I went in for orientation I was 262... at my 1st weight management meeting I was 269 - exactly one month later.. Thankfully that same day I went in for all my blood screenings, ultrasound, GI test, and xrays. The blood test determined I was severely Vitamin D deficient (D2=0)... Which has me perplexed.. But they sent an order to the pharmacy so i'm on a regimen of calcium/D which should help manage the weight gain and also the joint & muscle pain i've been feeling. I'm now keeping a food journal here which is keeping me on track... It's a lot going through my head but I know that this is the right decision for myself. Well Wishes Everyone!!
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    Im going to a consultation for weight lose surgery on Sept 1.
    Im really anxious and nervous. Ive put it off for several years but now ive got to step up and think of my health. Ive got high bp under control med free... High cholesterol under control med free... And have dropped my a1c down 1point so am still borderline but again med free...
    Ive plateaued on losing the weight tho... My drs are concerened so im considering the surgery...
    Ive done tons of research and feel that the sleeve will be best for me but am still stressing out over having surgery.
    Would like to add to my friends list people who understand and are willing to support each other please.
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    Hey Mzdove13, welcome to the site!
    Jameejune, that is so inspiring. it is good to hear positive things about the surgery
    Bsfouq, Good luck i am sure my surgery will be about the same time. just take the nerves as they come. i am learning to take a lot of mindfulness exercises to deal with my nerves
    Jspiritwolf, I know the feeling of putting it off but like you i find it is time now. i am going to friend you if you like?

    so i went to the nutrition class yesterday. the amount people didnt know! i mean the clinic has given us 2 booklets (not unsubstantial booklets like 30 pages minimum each) as well this is a serious surgery, so i would think one would look up resources. these people knew nothing. well obviously not all of them, but most of them were clueless. I would hate to go into this blind. i couldn't justify to myself not knowing the full route the before the after the food the drink. the everything. people were like what is optifast, why do i need protein shakes. will i die?
    i know i seem nit-picky, but we all at that point have had several appointments with the doctors nurses and social workers. we have had time to go over all this in one on one consultation. as well there are a ton of resources out there.
    some of them had backed out of surgery last minute before, this was the second (or third!) time through nutrition class, and they still had questions!
    i am sorry it just jangled my nerves a bit. but i am going to be okay. like you all i am getting prepared doing all the necessary steps including coming on here and meeting like minded folk who have gone before and after. Cheers people