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I'll start, My name is Margaret and I started this challenge. I believe in the power of a group. We all need to be encouraged and motivated and we find strength in encouraging and motivating others. I have lost about 50 pounds, gained 15 when I injured my back and still need to drop 50 more. I believe in 1 pound at a time and to celebrate every loss no matter how small. I turned 50 last month and thought I would be at my goal, but that did not happen so I am still plugging along. I do not believe in a diet or quick fix, this has to be a lifestyle change. I want health more than being skinny. No matter your reason for being here, you are welcome. Thanks for joining this journey and let's get it done!


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    Maxene here. I live in Australia. I need to loose a whopping 40 plus kilos. I have been on this website for a week now and trying to loose weight but no success.
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    Hi I'm Kim. I was on mfp last year but stopped after way to much stress piled on in my life. I'm a single mom of 3 amazing kids!! I have about 80 lbs I want to lose but the number isn't as important as the way I feel about myself. I will be turning 30 in the summer of 2017 and I would love to be about to look at myself at 30 and finally be happy. I have made huge changes in my life in the past couple years and I'm excited to make more!!
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    Hi, I'm to this i decided to get in chape and feel great again ( i have 4 kids)
    I need to loose at least 3" and 10 lbs. I'm good with exercising avrege 4 times a week. my problrem is a dark chocolate with rosted almond yummy and author sweet specialy with my tea or coffe in the afternoon.also i found my self eating more at workthan home. so please, please if you have any tips or advises how to stop that.
    And please add me as friend o:)
    for sure together we gona do it YAY
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    Hello. I am Julie from South Africa. 37yrs old with 2 kids. I gained 40kg within 6 months after being in a car crash. Unable to lose the weight since.....that was 5 years ago. ... i must lose the 40kilos to be in my appropriate bmi & weight range. I've failed repeatedly trying to tame my emotional binge eating habits. Im hoping this time is different.
    I'm super excited to be joining this group of like minded and equally ambitious peers. I look 4ward to the start of our joint journey. In 1 week ive lost 900gr so thats a start.
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    Hey, I'm Kaye from GA, USA. I'm 43 and I've been heavy most of my life. I've lost 42 lbs in a little over a year buy making drastic changes to my diet and exercising off and on but I've been hitting the gym hard and steady for two months. I like challenges and having a group to help hold me accountable. I want to lose 35 lbs by summer!
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    Hi, I'm Kerry. Single woman in the US. Had lost 47 lbs over the past 2 years, but have started to regain a few. Would like to lose another 20 lbs so need to get back on track. I struggle because most people in my life don't have healthy relationships with food and I don't have any in-person support. Excited to get involved with the community here.
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    My name is Kayla, 24 years old, from KY. I have a two year old son. I'm a stress and emotional eater. My life is always stressful for various reasons and I'm choosing to change the habit. I have little support at home with my fiance but it's just a challenge to how committed I'm going to be so that's why I'm interested in the group. The accountability.

    My fiance was recently in a accident June '16 and now (thankfully alive) suffers from a TBI with loads of doctors appointments. My father also has health issues and needs me with him at nights sometimes while mother works so my family has to pack for a few days to go stay. I'd eat my trouble away, especially while we stayed at the hospital til late August and I noticed I'd gained 20 pounds in a couple months. He was in the hospital on our wedding date and now my dress doesn't fit. Add me if you like, sorry about the rambling!
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    Hi all! I'm Jaclyn, 32. I have been on this app off and on for years with ups and downs. Right now I am at a low. I am looking to lose around 50lbs before my wedding in October 2017