10/14 Friday Day 14 SLBC

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Theme: Make it Better For You, Not Easier

Today's Challenge: People who are committed to an active lifestyle look for ways to be more active and get more steps in throughout the day. They don't settle for the easy shortcut. So for today, try to make things just a little more difficult for yourself. Park further away from your building, make several passes through the grocery store aisles, put the laundry away in several trips rather than one huge basket load. Walk over to talk to your co-workers instead of sending them an email. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. These kinds of things may seem small and of little impact, but taken together our labor saving devices and behaviors contribute significantly to obesity and sedentary living. Let's break the cycle.

Alternative Challenge: Try setting up a more active morning and evening routine. When you get up in the morning try going for a 5 minute walk or add a few yoga stretches to your evening to relax you and make it easier to sleep. If you like watching TV at night, get up and walk around during commercials. It makes a big difference!


  • MiamiSeoul
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    ♡ today's theme!
  • LogR4Life
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    Being a "step-counter" I truly AM amazed at how much difference all those little things make!! I have to force myself to get up in the evenings after I settle in for the night but I am finding that getting up even for just 5 minutes per hour makes a difference how I feel both mentally and physically.... AND makes a difference in my step count!!
  • 77tes
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    I'll go grocery shopping today, so I'll park at the end of the lot. When I'm finished shopping, I'll take my cart up to the front of the store. That can add a good number of steps.
  • allmannerofthings
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    I am running errands today - so I am tracking the buses on nextbus.com and walking between stops if the bus is not due in the next 3-4 minutes. 4600 steps already!
  • Cjjhike
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    I have been checking out our challenge everyday. Each day I have tried the suggestions. Dooing great. Have my steps up to goal again. I use fitbit. They have a feature to move 250 steps per hour for 14 hours. So you realise how often we do not move for long periods of time. wow. Loving this challenge
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    On Friday I got groceries. I had to bring them up from the parking garage (not counting the elevator, it's 150 steps each way, car to apt.) I could have done it in 1 trip - I took 2. I could have gotten my mail on 1 trip down - I didn't, I made an extra trip. I could have gone to the garbage chute at any trip to the elevator - but I made an extra trip to go there.