Anyone tried the pouch reset?

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Has anyone tried the pouch reset? I'm feeling that I have failed with this surgery. I was sleeved in Feb 2015. Lost 61 then got injured and ate over the holidays and gained 15. Now I'm up and down the same 5 pounds. Will the pouch reset work for me?


  • bookerlr
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    I just found thread talking about it.
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    I had gained back 7lbs because I wasn't logging and paying attn, old habits of eating bad stuff crept back in. I took it upon myself to try the 5dpt if that is what you're referring to..I was able to get through it well and had lost 5 of those 7 lbs back in Jan-feb. I then gained back 3 lbs in the next several weeks when I started eating back to the program rules, so to me it was kinda "fake/temp" weight loss , but it did work for a few weeks as a jump start to losing part of that initial gain..but it doesn't reset your mindset

    Did it get me back to really recognizing my pouch and its signals...most def! But the few things I really got from it...1) my Nut was totally against this..she asked me to stop because it's not healthy for you and gave many reasons for her opinion on it 2) it kinda put me back on that whole yo yo cycle of weight loss and dieting that I tried soooo many times over the years before my surgery..and then I realized, I didn't want this anymore so I'm back to working the program again, with the mindset that I have to work the program the way it was designed for me and I have to carefully pay attn to my triggers and where I'm lacking, at least for now.

    Good luck to you, I hope whatever you do, it's successful for you
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    What is the pouch reset? Did you have VSG or RNY? Thanks :)
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    My nutritionist advised against it for VSGers, she felt I would be too hungry. She suggested just going "back to basics", no picking on crap like I have been doing LOL
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    Yes I've done it. I use it to 'reset' myself when I need reign things back in. It might just be mental but it helps me cut my carb cravings and eat mindfully again. I really think it depends on what your issues are. For me, it helps me get reacquainted with my hunger and full signals. Helps me cut out the crap and get back to basics. Kind of like a cleanse or detox.
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    There doesn't seem to be much scientific evidence that it does anything really. Like @Robin628 said, it's probably more of a placebo/mental thing that gets people more mindful of what they are consuming. But if it works, I'm all for it. :)
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    I'm 18 months out and do a liquid day from time to time. I think a big part of it for me is showing myself that I DO have control over what I put in my mouth. It does often follow a day or days when I feel like I've gone off the rails a bit and need to focus and be mindful.