Ketosis??? Thoughts???

debhaley1 Posts: 45 Member
I am nearly 3 years out and I never once reached this famous Ketosis thing. How do I get there? Is it imperative to get there? and will it help me lose the last 30 pounds if I do figure out how to get there?

I have lost 130 pounds during this journey so I am not saying I have done bad, but have definitely been struggling for the last 8 months as I am stuck on the same 5 pounds up and down again.
I was told to up my calories to 1500-1800 for 10 days - all healthy calories, which is really hard to do since I still can only eat 3/4 cup of anything at any one sitting. I am going to change up the exercise some more as well and start pushing more weight.

Any and all positive thoughts are welcome. Thank you in advance


  • Robin628
    Robin628 Posts: 103 Member
    Ketosis is a by-product of following an extremely low carb diet (keto diet, Atkins, etc.) and has nothing to do with WLS procedure per se. So unless you've cut out all complex carbs, fruit, and sugar you likely won't experience ketosis.
  • anacsitham5
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    If you keepl your macros in line with your carbs being 20 grams or lower per day you are probably in ketosis. After 3 years what makes you think you aren't?
  • Thaeda
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    Wow- 130 pounds gone! That is amazing! If you like the way low carbing feels for you (some people find they have lots more energy when they keep carbs low), I say go for it- otherwise, I would just keep doing what you are doing. It might be the last 30 just aren't coming off. 3 years at a stable weight is wonderful- so many people experience regain-- so YAY for you!! I understand why you want the last 30 to be gone, but at the same time there is somethign to be said for knowing when you have done all you can and just hitting the "cruise control" button. :)
  • Keikix3
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    I agree with Thaeda...YAH for you! Wow, I am envious. I also like the idea of cruise control! I have been stalled too and I understand the frustration if causes sometimes. I try hard not to get upset with myself because I don't think that will accomplish a thing except make me feel lousy and who needs that? By the way, I've never heard about being in a Ketosis state as being a good thing for us, where did you hear it?