Vsg 6 months postop - How many ounces protein each meal?

ErniesMom863 Posts: 36 Member
Hello, I am 6 months postop and I am wondering how many ounces of firm protein I should be eating each meals. I have been shooting for 3 ounces and sometimes I eat around two. If I am not full, should I eat 4 ounces of protein at this point if I have room to? Is that okay?

Sorry for the lack of Vsg education, I had my surgery in Mexico and I did not receive a lot of direction after 4 months. I appreciate any help and guidance. Trying to take care of my tiny tummy and I don't want to mess anything up.


  • rpyle111
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    Eat what you can, don't force it. Eating past comfort is a bad idea with the sleeve. If you consistently are under on protein you may need to add a protein shake, but getting used to the habit of eating until satisfied and then stopping is a good habit for life.

    See if you can find a local bariatric program's support group that will let you attend. You can learn their program and get support. I know our support group would welcome you.
  • Miss_Hattie
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    You need to get some nutritional counseling or you could seriously injure your health. Are you taking vitamins daily? Are you taking formal walks or doing some kind of exercise? Do a search on "Bariatric sleeve protein intake 6 months post op" and educate yourself by reading. Doing a search on Google can help you find a lot of info. Take notes. Do you have a family physician? They can help direct you to a local support group or perhaps advise you on nutrition or refer you to one. Please take action or you can become malnourished.