anyone currently following the Fast Metabolism Diet?

I see a lot of the posts are from about a month ago...anyone actively doing this? About to start on Monday.
I have a sluggish thyroid from all of this on and off dieting. HOping this will get me back in check. The thing I am most worried about it giving up coffee.


  • roenl
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    Just started this morning (29th) on the FMD. I did one 28 day cycle back in April and had a 15 pound weight loss. Over the next 2 1/2 months I added some dairy back in and have been contending with weddings, graduations, etc. I have been able to lose another 5.5 pounds, but this weekend decided to jump back in for another 28 day cycle. I need to lose about 60 more pounds, so I figure I would try it in 20 pounds increments.

    I didn't have to give up coffee, but my addiction was Diet Coke. I am glad I am off it now and I didn't go back to it after the 28 days. Enjoy eating as that is what you do most on FMD. Good luck.
  • epie2098
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    I just joined this group yesterday, but am on W3P1D2.

    I gave up coffee 2 days ahead of starting the diet. I thought it would help to get the worst of the withdrawal out of the way, so for me it worked.

    I'm down 7lbs in 2 weeks, and hubs is down 14 - but then he's always lost weight easily (then again, he gains it back easily but for the weight I lose slowly, once it's gone, it's gone).

    I would recommend it. I know my adrenals are stressed as it's been a very rough school year, so two days' dedicated adrenal support through diet is awesome. I'm also eating a ton of food, and enjoying every bite.
  • ReneeReiser
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    Hi. I just wanted to let y'all know that I am starting on Monday. I have pre planned all my meals for the week. I am hoping all goes well and I don't have any problems. I am currently 191-193 lbs (my weight goes up and down). I will report back after my first week to show how I did. It is very hard for me to lose weight, but I'm not going to give up!
  • briannadunn
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    Starting today to give this diet a try, why not, it looks complicated but fun.
  • Marvis55
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    Just started on Monday Jan 5 as well. I was on this diet last year & loss 4 pounds a week for about a month. Then... I dropped off. If you don't followthe diet for the entire week it really messes up your diet because the calories deviate do much in each Phase. My hardest days are Tues/Wed because you have to eat so much meat. Good luck !
  • FitterFaith
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    I was following this plan and it worked, but it was too complicated for me to stick with. Because the allowed foods changed every few days, I found that food would spoil before I could get back to being allowed to eat it. It was too hard for me to figure out what to eat on the plan. It looked like a war room, the way I pinned up all the list of allowed food...but when I could follow worked.
  • lincolor100
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    Did this diet about 3 years ago and lost 15 lbs plus 2 more on maintenance, kept weight off for 2 years ,then life got crazy and started eating out too much ,gluten crept back in .Starting over tom been eating great, think exercising too much ,will follow Haylies book see if get my metabolism fueled again .
  • losergood2011
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    Yup it works - there are fB pages to help you out if your interested. Good recipes on pinterest too