Fitbit importing too many calories

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Is anyone else having a problem. Today I have eaten about 1300 calories, but for some reason it has transferred over to Fitbit as 2300!
Not sure why, or how to rectify it, ant suggestions?

The problem seems to be that it has given me two dinners, one of the right calorie count, and one with 1050 calories !


  • WaterBunnie
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    Can you just delete the incorrect food entries in FitBit? It can sometimes happen if you have altered your food entry after it's already synced across, but it should really adjust itself. I'll sometimes get a similar problem when I add an exercise session to MFP and it doesn't immediately overwrite the step adjustment so shows too many exercise calories for a while until it refreshes.
  • tess5036
    tess5036 Posts: 942 Member
    Thanks, yes that works :)