Is it safe to do SL when pregnant??

Has anyone done it guys? I was just starting and I found out I am pregnant


  • krokador
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    I would assume that up until a certain point it won't be a problem, but pregnancies vary wildly from one person to the other and your own personal experience will be very different from everyone else, so I'd say you should ask your doctor and listen to whatever they say. They'll prolly give you a white light at first, as long as you're feeling good and not lifting crazy weights. I think struggling a ton ni a squat or deadlift may not be the best idea, so perhaps a change of plans will be in order after a few months anyway, though.
  • chispaza
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    We're you doing any lifting before? You can usually continue with what you were doing before but it's usually recommended not to start anything new. Like krok said, talk to your doctor ir midwife and listen to your body. You probably will have to make some adjustments.
  • hanlonsk
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    I have absolutely no experience in this realm- other than what has already been said, I have no knowledge. However girls gone strong has several communities focused around strength training for women, mothers, etc. they also have coach training programs specifically targeted for coaching pregnant and postnatal women. It might be a good resource.
  • amyinthetardis1231
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    GGS is a great resource!
  • chichidachimp
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    Talk to your doctor for sure. However, I think the general rule of thumb is weight training with maximum 15lb dumbbells during pregnancy, if you get their OK. They will likely advise you to stay away from the barbell.
  • charilyposh
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    Thanks so much guys I appreciate it.

    I was just starting so I am not full in yet.
  • trjjoy
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    I continued SL until I was about 16 weeks pregnant then I took a looooong break and only went back when I was 36 weeks pregnant. I managed an 80kg deadlift at 40 weeks
  • charilyposh
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    Wow. At 40 weeks. That's impressive