Discovered this group today

spookyface Posts: 420 Member
Hi. I have been on MFP a few years.Friends on here have come and gone. I still have some but feel free to add me . I lost 75 then gained 50 back!! Trying again.


  • sun_cat
    sun_cat Posts: 114 Member
    Hi there!
  • lady9mile
    lady9mile Posts: 3 Member
    Hi, new here: Just trying to keep better track of my intake to start. Hubby is no help and keeps eating my diet food! Working with osteoporosis, looking for calcium fortified foods like OJ, milk, yogurt to add to my vitamin D supplements.
  • joannbrei
    joannbrei Posts: 3 Member
    Just joined today. Recently turned 60 and want to get in shape and feel better about myself... 10 pounds sounds like it should be easy... But I am stuck.