diet since surgery

karabear2987 Posts: 11 Member
What is everyone following diet wise since surgery. I had my surgery on 6/28, and I'm trying to stick to a modified keto type diet with about 20 carbs per day. I'm struggling. I'm getting horrible carb cravings. It's mostly since i've been back to work. how does everyone else survive, need to some input and ideas!


  • MrsHenry7088
    MrsHenry7088 Posts: 5 Member
    When I was working in an office I was surrounded by people eating and offering carbs. The only way I resisted was having fat bombs on hand. Pinterest has tons of ideas for "sweet" treat fat bombs. Hope this helps!
  • loveshoe
    loveshoe Posts: 365 Member
    After surgery I did low carb/fat, high protein. My carbs were probably around 50grams per day. Any lower and I felt like crap.