Trying to lose the baby blub

Hello. I am 5 weeks pp after having my second little one in less than a year and a half. My oldest is 16 months. I have come out of this pregnancy with a number of pregnancy complications including a blood clot I am being anticoaguladed for.
Before my first pregnancy I underwent IVF treatment.
So basically 3 years ago I weighted about 150-160 lb and am 5'9" tall.
After IVF I was 180lb. Put on 20 lb with my first only losing 5lb before getting pregnant again and gained almost 40lb.
I have lost a bit in the last 5 weeks (including birth loss) and am down to 211 lb.
I would ideally like to get back to my pre-everyrhing weight, but would settle for just pre baby and a healthy BMI.
I never really had to watch my weight before so this is all new territory. I have also been basically seditary through both my high risk pregnancies.
I am naturally curvy and have no problem with that, but find this extra blubber (for lack of a better word) hard to accept. I would love to find a like-minded group on here who could be a support group as we strive to get our bodies back. I really want to get healthy for my children.


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    I need the support too!! Friend me if you want. I just started seriously trying to lose weight again. I had a baby in March. I gained 50 pounds during pregnancy, I initially lost 25 but still have 20 to go before pre pregnancy. I am 5 '7 and look back at the days I weighed 160 and thought I was over weight. Currently 190.