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  • abowersgirl
    abowersgirl Posts: 3,144 Member
    3x yes

    3 no
    5 yes

    1. May 22 yes 9 no/31
    2. June 22 yes 8 no/30
  • Ketch_22
    Ketch_22 Posts: 12,669 Member
    July 8
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes walking after the hurricane rains we got all day
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes
  • evangsimmons170
    evangsimmons170 Posts: 1,188 Member
    Although I’m new to UAC, I can say what things I look for now as signs that I may go off track.

    The biggest one for me is excuses. I start coming up with excuses to not move, or to eat poorly. Allowing my emotions to dictate what I eat. I’m a recovering emotional eater and if I become extremely stressed or bored I really have to watch that I don’t binge eat.

    To keep on track I plan and try to stick to a schedule. I’m learning relaxation techniques and I try to keep busy.

    @ConfidentRaven Everything you said sounded SO familiar because my struggles have been the same. Here's to one more victorious day, excuses-free! :smiley:
  • drea2011
    drea2011 Posts: 874 Member
    Yes x3
  • JTreasures
    JTreasures Posts: 856 Member
    Yes x 3
  • Rozbee1
    Rozbee1 Posts: 331 Member
    July 8th
    Tracked yes
    Under yes
    Exercise yes
  • drea2011
    drea2011 Posts: 874 Member
    Yes x3