25 pounds in 151 days

Hi All! Today is the first day of my journey to lose 25 pounds of flab. I've been down this road before, but have recently taken too many detours to the kitchen to get more snacks and beer. I will be taking my horses south for 3 months this winter to train and compete. I've done this for many years in the past, but I want this year to be the best. I want to be FIT and healthy to get the most out of it. I want to be able to ride better and have a better mental outlook. I want to be confident and proud of myself, not insecure and ashamed. I want to feel good from eating good food. To be honest, I also want to WOW my friends who I haven't seen for a couple of years. They're all younger than me and I want them to look at me and hope they can be as strong and energetic when they're my age.

Goal: lose 25lbs before Feb 1, 2020
Exercise plan: run 3x/week (signed up for a 10k training group that starts in a few weeks and just finished up a 5k group), swim 2x/week, 2 weight sessions/wk, ride as much as I possibly can (I only have 1 that is ridable right now, but I have friends willing to let me ride their horses). Yoga a few times a week to keep balanced. It sounds like a lot, but since I only work part time, I can focus on this full time.
Diet: NO BEER! It leads to bad decisions and stored FAT! I'm already vegan, but I eat more junk food than I care to admit. I am going to make a meal plan each week and stick to it, regardless of what junk my husband is eating.
Motivation: vision board, pictures of me when I was fighting fit, pictures of idols, daily weigh ins.

If you've read this, I thank you. But this is for me. A reminder of my goal and plan. I'm ready. I'm excited to take control. I've got this!