Beachbody Brazil butt lift Carnival

Hi! I just joined Beachbody and started with Brazil butt lift Carnival with Leonard Carvaho. I am attracted to Latin dance styles by nature so anything in the genre of music and dance gets my attention. I completed my first 35 min workout and followed it with his 15 min abs. I’m already planning ahead on time of the day I wanna get my workout in too. Mornings are gonna be best. What’s everyone else doing?💃🏽


  • lillyy23
    lillyy23 Posts: 134 Member
    Hey! I was thinking of trying it haha. the videos are so good but it looks good... I was thinking of trying it also cause i have an injury... i got an injury from 21 day fix :( would you think thats a good workout ?
  • seximama2017
    seximama2017 Posts: 54 Member
    Absolutely! Nothing but dance and you can always low impact/modify throughout. I try the yoga today for stretching purposes (I was so sore from yesterday) and it was just what I needed 💃🏽👍🏽
  • lillyy23
    lillyy23 Posts: 134 Member
    Awesome! I was thinking cause my physiotherapist said I should work on my glutes cause it supports the knee. But I still wanna lose weight. Do you think it’s enough cardio in the program or should I go to the gym too?
  • wwood008
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    I just downloaded the beachbody on demand app and have been switching between some programs to see what I like but have mainly done the 10 min trainer. I might try the one you’re talking about today though!! I joined this group to find a couple accountability buddies to keep me on track with doing the workouts