Friends & Family Not Supporting Weightloss....shun you because of it!

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So I have been in a super funk and feeling un-motivated because of lack of encouragement from my family for my weight loss. Literally, my mom and cousin (male) are the only ones to encourage me. No one else, not my dad, my aunts, brother, cousins etc. Literally everyone else acts like they don't notice. Mind you I have lost over 80 lbs and I'm 5'4. !!! I have even had someone say...oh you didn't have that much weight to lose anyway. I have been overweight most of my life, especially in my 20's I was in the high 200s. When I started my weight loss journey I was 271!'s super demotivating to not have the encouragement from family and friends...or even worse to be treated like you don't matter or they would prefer for you to be overweight for their comfort. I have 50 more lbs that I want to lose by the end of the year...and I have small motivation. One additional skin and features have changed quite a bit since the weight loss...I will attribute it more to hormones becoming more balanced. Nevertheless, my entire life my skin has been really dark, with patches with my face being the darkest. ...through weightloss has gotten extremely brown toned and more even and my face has morphed too...(fun fact- I took out my driver's license to verify my account at the bank and the teller didn't think I was the same person lol) I really do look very different from old much so that I'm afraid to upload them because people won't think it's the same person ...smh! Nevertheless, I'm hoping to find support for how to deal with people dismissing your achievement of weight loss?? (This is not the only thing they have dismissed about my achievements in life...however this one hurts a lot!)


  • swiftyoung
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    Congratulations on releasing more than 80+ lbs. That's amazing. You've done something you should be proud of. You put you first!!! Trust and believe they notice. Sometimes family can't be everything we need. Continue to explore the new possibilities for your future.
  • dunza2
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    Thank you @swiftyoung
  • Rosalindgr
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    I think you are very strong to have lost such a large amount of weight not only without family support but with negative energy from love ones. Although i have support from family, im still like laughing out loud to myself when that scale drop a number, or when a outfit fits nicely, or when i buckled my own shoe for the first time in a long time. Keep going believe me they see and they are watching.
  • dunza2
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    Thank you @rosalindgr for the encouragement and I will definitely keep going. Congrats on your success too! We so got this!!
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    @dunza2 I am so sorry they acting like that! The nerve, my fam is like that sometimes too but I have started calling them out on it. But health is wealth and girl it's tough but it has to be done. I wanna lose 30 lbs by November 26th as a sort of gift to myself. Stay strong girl, we got this!!
  • dunza2
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    Thank you so much @Adubmarie87 I'm glad i'm not the only one who's enduring this struggle. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement!! We definitely got this...are you doing KETO for your upcoming goals?? 30 seems like a lot...but doable if you're focused!
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    Wow! Sometimes family can be more toxic than strangers. I think you're doing a marvelous job. They can't congratulate you for your hard work because it shines light on their own failures. Keep stepping Queen with your head high. Don't even let them see you sweat. You're doing what is best for you and thats all that matters.
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    Hi Dunza2. First of all you need to keep in mind that you are improving your health for yourself. My minister once spoke on a text of "SHOW, DON'T TELL - Actions Speak Louder That Words". You just show all the doubters that you have what it takes to reach goal. I have tried off and on to lose weight, and I know some people are just waiting for me to revert to my old habits. I have lost 90 lbs. since 7/16/20, and even though I feel good when people compliment me, I still know that it is through my OWN perseverance and dedication to my new lifestyle that I will make it to goal. No one can do it for me, and I don't need anyone's permission or approval. Stick in there girl, I know you can do it.