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    I'm back for December, as I need a lot of motivation and accountability.
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    Hi all,

    I'm an old new person to MFP. I used this site years ago to reach and then maintain my goal of a bikini body after kids for 2 years. Unfortunaly I lapsed and over the corse of 5 years have gained every lb back. I welcome the oppertunity to be part of a group that offers a way to hold myself accountable while offering support to others in their goals.


    size 6 jeans
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    I’m Amber and I just joined the challenge for December.
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    Hello everyone, my name is Rob and I look forward to joining this group.

    My goal is to get under 200 pounds and maintain it once I get there. Nice to meet you all!
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    Hi guys, joining UAC again after falling off in mid-november. I have been in the UAC for a while and find that the intentionality of these habits keep me on track, and I have not gained back the 35 lbs I lost 4 years ago.

    I still want to loose at least 20 more, though I'm very active with dog walking and tennis, I'm still quite overweight. My goal for December will be to get back to consistency with my boot camp workouts, and to jog once a week. I think that the extra cardio will give me that push.
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    Hi all,

    joining a challenge for the first time as far as I can recall. I've had a MFP account for a while but never really partook in the community aspect of it. I recently took the decision to take a sabbatical with my (retired) wife. We sold everything and are traveling (as far as current restrictions allow) throughout Europe. Not having a job should theoretically free up loads of time to prioritize health and nutrition but that hasn't necessarily been the case in these first few months.

    We are both quite active (I go running a few times a week and reached 400k steps in November) but you can't out exercise a poor diet. I was down to about 209lbs in early 2020 thanks to daily HIIT sessions at a well known color coded gym in the US. Being nomadic makes it more challenging to maintain a routine so I've decided to start a 30 day workout challenge using HIIT YouTube videos but (perhaps more importantly) also pay close attention to my food intake. MFP has worked well for me in the past and I am confident it will deliver once again.

    Looking for accountability partners on here, my immediate family knows of my intentions but you can never have too many accountability partners. :-)
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    edited November 2020
    I've just joined this group for the December Challenge in hopes of keeping up my consistency in logging every day and not missing a day on the treadmill.

    My goal is to get back to under 120lbs and then reassess. That's about 12-14lbs to go.
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    It's GREAT to see so many new people for December! WELCOME!! I'm Teresa (aka Mrs Hoffer) and I'm knocking on the door of the big 6-0 (next spring) and have lost and gained the same 40 lbs or so every couple of years for most of my adult life. Ugh. I've figured out that I'm pretty good at LOSING the weight..... just NOT so good at KEEPING it off! So this time, I know that I will need to make adjustments and have a PLAN once I get down to my goal weight.

    I'm happily married (5 years), living out in the country in central Ohio, have 2 sons that live nearby and 2 bonus (grown) children that live in NC and AR. Together, hubby and I have 8 grandchildren (ranging from 6 to 23) and just this year I've become a GREAT GRANDMA to two beautiful, precious little girls!

    November was my first month with the UAC, and I've lost 6 lbs in Nov (I could've done better, but I gave myself a PASS for Thanksgiving!) But I couldn't ask for a better group of people, many of which I've gotten to know a little more. I had decided in late summer to take a break from facebook because of all the negativity and political crap, and focus on logging onto MFP every day instead. Here, I've found terrific people who all have similar goals (weight loss and/or healthy eating) as me! My first mini goal is to be at 175 by Christmas Day 2020, so I have to buckle down in December and get 'er done! Feel free to send me a friend request here on MFP if you like, or find me on fitbit as I love to do the step challenges and I am quite competitive!
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    Hi all, I'm Karen. Just turned 60, semi-retired, have adult onset ADD and recurrent back issues. I'm going to try this again. I've been on the fast track to undo all the weight loss it took me a lot of time and great effort to accomplish. Hoping a concentration on daily exercise and cutting way down on alcohol will get me closer to my ultimate goal. I'm happy to meet everyone and read your intros. Am looking forward to seeing the successes of the group. Good luck to us all B)
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    Hey everyone! Signing up for this just under the wire, but I'm really glad I found this group. Overall goal is to lose 40 pounds by 9/21, and short term goals are something I'm still figuring out, but I'm mostly just taking it week by week and shooting for consistency with my workout program and calorie counting. My current focus is doing Intermittent Fasting at least 5 days a week. Congratulations to everyone posting their success stories, and best of luck to all of us on this month's goal!