Peoples location & Introduce yourself :) Welcome to the group



  • foster1503
    foster1503 Posts: 391 Member
    North wales
  • John_D79
    John_D79 Posts: 5 Member
    Manchester but born and raised in Sunderland!
  • manojabraham71
    manojabraham71 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi. Located in pettswood, Kent
  • Peter_P53
    Peter_P53 Posts: 20 Member
    Sutton, South London - happy to be added as a friend
  • _SoundWave_
    _SoundWave_ Posts: 234 Member
    Hey Glasgow here - feel free to add me . Need the motivation during this lockdown !!
  • ClaireBri74
    ClaireBri74 Posts: 84 Member
    St Neots in Cambridgshire
  • Alan_UK_1974
    Alan_UK_1974 Posts: 34 Member
    The Wirral (that little bit of land that juts out between Liverpool and North Wales/Chester)
  • AmunahSki
    AmunahSki Posts: 88 Member
    West Norfolk, near Fakenham.
  • Paul_Ingy
    Paul_Ingy Posts: 123 Member
    Hi, Paul from the Lake District
  • shrinkingmrsb
    shrinkingmrsb Posts: 17 Member
    Hiya everyone, I’m from Lincolnshire ☀️❄️
  • ClaireBri74
    ClaireBri74 Posts: 84 Member
    St Neots in Cambridgshire

    As previously said I'm from St Neots. Now the title of the thread has changed let me introduce myself as well.

    I'm 46 and I would now describe myself as a yo you dieter and someone who had forgotten about fitness. In my 20's/ 30's I used to teach group fitness as a hobby around my day job. As a result of burning 2,000 cal a day in the gym and always on the move I never had to watch what I ate.

    I re discovered my love of Fitness last year and I use LMOD (Les Mills on Demand) for my work outs. I have tried every 'diet', most recently was WW. I got concerned that their plan wasn't giving me enough fuel so I double tracked on here and found out I was 1,000 or less calories which worried me so now I am here to calorie count :)

    To keep on track I post loads of photos on my wall whether food or exercise as I tend to reflect if I write and if i'm typing I cant eat lol

    Anyway that's me!
  • Hay, I'm from Devon. Lost 5 stone, put on 9lb at Xmas which in now trying to get back off. 😁 💜
  • Paul_Ingy
    Paul_Ingy Posts: 123 Member
    Hi, Lake District, West Cumbria. X
  • skinnyrev2b
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    Gill here from Ilkeston, East Mids. A slow yo-yo dieter, this is my 3rd go around the weight loss game. Hopefully this time I'll remember to keep tracking once I get to goal!
  • appleisbad
    appleisbad Posts: 17 Member
    Hi everyone I'm Apple, based in Reading :) Nice to see you guys
  • calori1234
    calori1234 Posts: 1 Member
    Goodmayes, East London
  • shehry
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    Hey! From London
  • HighTower_77
    HighTower_77 Posts: 28 Member

    New here!
    South-East, U.K.
  • Noon_spinach
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    Hello, my name is Noon from Hull. If anyone need an a buddy in the area I'm very close to East Park. Nice to meet you.
  • DianeKayWhelan
    DianeKayWhelan Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, I'm from the Greater Manchester area and just re-starting my fitness/weight loss journey. I'm looking to loose 70 lb in total but my initial goal is 10 lb by April. I have a sedentary job and drive a long way to and from work. This leaves me with little to no energy at the end f the day, so I would love a cheering section when I go manage to get off my *kitten* and exercise.