What's your training fail?

So this week I have been struggling a bit health wise and exercise has been hard. Got on the bike this morning and my right foot felt a bit strange. Thought my cleat needed tightening so decided to stop and sort it.

Yes it was my cleat but not this is the situation. Oppppsss

I haven't worked out yet how to fix it lol if you have any ideas please share as at the moment the SPD cleat is stuck on the pedal lol

What's your training fail?


  • sijomial
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    Is there a tension screw on the pedal?
    It's an allen key headed screw normally - if yes slacken the tension right off and then get some Mole Grips on the cleat and try to twist it out using the same motion you would use if it was still attched to your shoe.

    Training fail this week was a puncture on the way home going at speed trying to race the fading daylight to home. 30mph downhill with no air in the tyre was a little too exciting....
    Managed to replace the inner tube but hands got filthy and frozen, realised just in time I was just about to freeze my fingers to the CO2 cannister.
    A few miles further on felt the familiar bump/thump of another puncture. Poor light and no feeling in my hands meant I hadn't spotted a tiny but sharp flint still poking through the tyre just enough to puncture my brand new spare tube.
    Adding that mistake to getting rained on three times when the forecast was "10% chance of rain" meant I wasn't a happy chappy.
  • ClaireBri74
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    @sijomial Ohhh nooo :( I just feel for you. The weather is a killer. I have an 'amazing' photo of me somewhere cycling back from work. I had 2 options 10 miles and train or 23 the entire way. I Did the 10 and felt fine so went for the full route. This route is on a cycle lane adjacent to the A1 which is 'safer' than it sounds. Anyway half way it started to monsoon. It had been 30 degrees with no rain (that id seen) forecast so no waterproofs.

    Flash flood, side of main road, car splash, miserable cycle and that was without a puncture!
  • ClaireBri74
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    A new one for me. A rather hard spin class the other week and I had to get off to puke!!! Had to stop a second time when thought it would happen again.

    It was a good class though :) I now grab a bucket to the side of my bike when doing it. If you use cleats you will know the struggle to get them off the bike when you are new to using them!
  • skinnyrev2b
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    I'm sorry... but that's just rank! Fair play to you for a)working so hard and b) getting back to it, but I'm just imagining a class full (dunno if this was Lockdown/ home or not) of sympathy retches!