What's on your mind today?

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This is where you can share what's on your mind. Recipes, ideas, workouts, anything that you think might be helpful to others.

Maybe, you've tried something that has worked for you in the past and would like to share it with the group. Maybe, you have a NSV (Non Scale Victory) that you would like to share with the group. Anything that you feel comfortable sharing or anything that you feel comfortable asking the group with help....this is the place to come.

The GOOD!! What NSV did you have this week!!
The BAD!! So what....you ate the whole thing!!
The UGLY!! That darn scale went through the window this week....it deserved it too!!

So, what's on your mind today??


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    You and me both @alligatorob! Good luck to us all
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    @craigo3154 - Great to see you back!
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    Consistency is a key to success. The only thing I've been consistent with is not logging all my calories. That is not good and that is why I'm not losing any weight. Time to SNAP OUT OF IT and make today the day to turn things around. I pledge to myself to measure/weigh and record all calories today. And drink a lot of water. Gotta do it.
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    I. must. stop. reading. your. motivating. posts.....and use the motivation you have given me .... ;D Have a great day all!
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    @dsgoingtodoit and everyone else. I find everyone's post motivating, because you're all so brave. We all struggle with issues that trigger bad eating patterns: illness, mental health, insomnia, deadlines at work, concern about family or pets, uncooperative friends, colleagues or partners, even long trips with a horse or two cats - and yet we persist, falling down from time to time, but mostly getting on with it again. If we don't look after our own health, we're no use to anyone else, at least not for long.
    @MizSpiffy You're doing great! Be aware that some 10% of the people who joined, have already given up, or never even made it to the starting line.
    Well, if you'll excuse me, I have some rice to weigh - not that simple, because I have to convert from cups to grams and fom uncooked to cooked!
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    @MizSpiffy I agree with @Chinkiri u are doing great and yep tracking to a tee is hard and annoying as hell. Ha ha! It does work though and we know u can do it! The fact that ur self aware is the biggest thing, knowing and admitting there is an issue in the 1st place takes alot courage so well done!! This knowing will allow you to form habits to change it!! We believe in u!! Xox
  • MizSpiffy
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    Ugh... I find myself off the rails again! I can't seem to put together 2 good days in a row. Spring/Summer pool and garden season is totally distracting me. There is so much to do between house, garden, job, family, you get the picture! I have much to be thankful of, including this group, which keeps me coming back and 'trying' every day! I'm hoping once the planting, uncovering, transitioning from one season to the other is done I will get back to focusing on ME! Keep up the good work everyone! <3
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    MizSpiffy wrote: »
    Ugh... I find myself off the rails again! I can't seem to put together 2 good days in a row. Spring/Summer pool and garden season is totally distracting me. There is so much to do between house, garden, job, family, you get the picture! I have much to be thankful of, including this group, which keeps me coming back and 'trying' every day! I'm hoping once the planting, uncovering, transitioning from one season to the other is done I will get back to focusing on ME! Keep up the good work everyone! <3

    Hey @MizSpiffy,
    I wonder if there is a way to get those things done AND focus on your health? I always put everything else first. Not anymore!

    Is there a local teen who can help with planting/uncovering? Can you use some healthy food shortcuts for a week or two? Frozen microwaveable veggies, precut fruit, maybe a rotisserie chicken?

    All My Best,
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    Hi UAC family! As a volunteer of the MFP Welcome Committee, I'm posting this here in May and will do the same for June's thread. @RangerRickL I hope you're not opposed to the crossposting.

    MyFitnessPal hosts a small user panel every quarter where they invite 5-7 members to come in and talk about their experience using MyFitnessPal and to hear more about their health and fitness journey.

    The next panel is going to be Wednesday, June 9th from 12:45pm PST - 2:00pm PST and they're hoping to feature members of our LGBTQ community for this panel.

    What's a MyFitnessPal User Panel?
    We love giving our teammates the chance to engage directly with our members - and vice versa. We're interested in having you speak about your journey and tell us how we can make MyFitnessPal better. Most of our team doesn't get the privilege of interacting directly with members and our user panels are always one of the highlights of our year!

    Why would I want to attend an MFP user panel?
    Well we are a super fun team who loves nothing better than getting to hear directly from our members. Your feedback and perspective will be heard directly, giving you a chance to let us know how we can improve the app.

    Additionally members will get a free year of MFP premium and ongoing access to provide feedback directly to our team.

    What's the Plan?
    Given the current global pandemic we will not be hosting user panels in person for the time being. While this means we won't get to meet you face to face, it does mean we can include members from all over the country.

    We will be using video conferencing software that you can connect into for the user panel. We will ask you questions about your experience in using MyFitnessPal. You will have the opportunity to share feedback or requests on any part of our app or services, or just your experiences along your health and fitness journey.

    So if you identify as a member of the LGBTQ community, please send MFP staff member @alex a private message...


    ...if you are interested and available. From there, you will get the additional details as needed!
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    Meals are on my mind.

    I've never been much of a breakfast person so generally have an espresso or two for "breakfast" followed by brunch, dinner and late night snack. My snack is mostly used to make sure I have at least the minimum 1200 calories since my meals can end up being somewhat low in calories at times. However, I'm trying to transition to four meals per day so that I can spread the protein out more for the recomp that I'm starting next month. But I'm struggling with it.

    I started this on Monday and I feel like I spend half my day in the kitchen trying to figure out what to eat. At the moment I've set dinner for 450 calories (because I still want to have a normal dinner) and the other three for 250 for a total of 1200. I can go over them a bit depending on how many exercise calories I have but that varies by day.

    How do you structure your meals? How do you split your calories for each meal? Evenly or not? And what about macros? Do you try to get your percentages for every meal or just for the day?
  • MaltedTea
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    @LazyBlondeChef I aim to get my macros in check for the day. MFP also allows you to look at your macros for a week so you may want to use that as a goal to start.

    Speaking of weeks: meal planning for the week may be a way to reduce much of the thoughts about "what to eat"

    When I'm paying attention and serious about recomp, I'm big on wet brined boneless chicken breasts (this week, they're breaded with spelt crumbs an za'tar), egg whites and protein power.

    When I'm being lax, I'll eat whatever but try to get at least a scoop of protein powder and one animal product lol

    So there's SOME meal structure but I can't be a stickler because I live in a gastronomical city and am within walking distance of fresh, well, everything year-round lol My current downfall? Lavender scones 🤤

    Keep us posted on how what you find works for you!
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    Hi @LazyBlondeChef and @MaltedTea I plan ahead, based on what I have in my fridge / freezer and what needs finishing. I usually have more or less the same for breakfast: muesli, yoghurt, only the fruit varies: apple, banana, pear, red fruit in season or frozen mixed red fruit. I just use the Quick function and change the fruit. I try and eat more protein, fewer carbs, so I know I need fish or shellfish, occasionally chicken or ground beef, lamb or pork for lunch or dinner... I 'm not big on meat. If my protein still looks poorly, I might have an egg (or two) and decide whether to have that poached on something else, hardboiled in a salad or as an omelette with some other things. Mushrooms have very few calories, cheese has a lot. I add veggies. French shops are very seasonal. Some imported stuff, but mostly from Spain, practically local here. I don't tend to eat veg out of season, but I keep some frozen beans and broccoli in my freezer. By this time my day's meals are mostly done and I often have room for a treat, mostly fruit, or a biscuit with my tea in the afternoon. I rarely schedule bread, rice or pasta, maybe once a week. I do like nice bread, but tend to stuff myself with it. Nice bread, good butter and any kind of cheese are my downfall, so I try not to buy it. Having said that, I 'm having some cheese today, willpower portion time!
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    The only “macros” I pay attention to are protein, fibre and calcium. I aim for at least 90 g of protein (I weigh 49 kg), 40+ g of fibre and at least 100% of MFP default calcium measure. (I was diagnosed with osteopenia a few years ago)
    As a little old lady, fairly active and currently in maintenance my base calories are about 15,000 but I usually “earn” at least 300 more with exercise.
    Like @Chinkiri my breakfasts are usually the same every day, cereal with fruit, an egg with a small slice of bread/toast. Approx. 450 cals. Lunch is usually a big salad with a portion of meat or fish, with a small treat. Approx 350 cals. Dinner includes lots of veg and a portion of meat or fish, dessert is yogurt and fruit. Total 600 cals. Snacks include raw carrots, apples, small cheese portion (eg cheesestring or mini babybel) and high protein/high fibre snack bars.
    When I was losing weight my base calories were 12,000 plus exercise cals. My meals were similar but I was very careful to use low fat protein and cut back on the sweeter fruits and have very small portions of cake/biscuits.
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    @LazyBlondeChef I don't know your stats, but are you sure that 1200 calories/day cuts it for you? Myself, during the months I was losing I never set my calories lower than 1380 and as I lost, I raised it bit by bit. But I also did not count exercise calories during that time, so maybe it works out the same as your 1200 plus exercise.

    When I was losing, I aimed for a dinner for 500 calories. I'm still doing the same breakfast after all these months (I do on occasion change it up a couple days a month when I am craving something like eggs). My breakfast is going to sound odd, decaf coffee w/ half and half plus splenda (plus some add ins), then a scoop of Quest protein powder (varied flavors) with one tb chia seeds and 1/3 cup water added, then 4 ounces of plain nonfat greek yogurt swirled in and topped with 26 grams for fiber one twig style cereal. (comes to 347 calories, 40 grams protein, 23 grams fiber, 31% RDA iron (at my age I need 50% RDA)

    Depending one whether I was worrying about macros, the rest of the day got filled in accordingly and has varied widely over these months. I do need to get back to a little more structure in that regard.
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    My best camping recipe.

    Corn (you can use a can but this is better) Cook them on the grill then cut off the blebs from the cob.
    Add feta, coriander and lime juice.