Do you have a short-term, intermediate, or long-term goals?

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I'm still in recovery from surgery, so my options for exercise are somewhat limited, and I'm basically just trying to build my stamina back up a little at a time.

My goal for the next 24 hours is to tally up my fitness successes from the last month, and then write them into this month's calendar as my numbers to beat if I want a new personal best, and try each week to do more than the week before.

My intermediate goals are to be able to do the amount of cardio my docs are recommending (180 min/wk) by this fall, and to get into a routine with that.

My long-term goal is to get in-shape enough that I could do ballet classes (including pointe work once I'm strong enough again), and/or gymnastics classes without any more than the normal risk of injury. :)


  • TwistedSassette
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    @saltysparkle Those are some wonderful goals! I like how they are all focused toward your longer-term goals and definitely not focused on the scale.

    My goals are not that organised. I set myself some guidelines at the beginning of the year, and I set myself monthly goals that fit with those guidelines.
    My goals for July are:
    1. Sleep for a total of 217 hours (average 7 hours per night).
    2. Record an overall calorie deficit of 15,000.
    3. Complete 600 minutes of intentional exercise.
    4. Avoid screen time for 30 mins before bed at least 5 days per week.
    5. Average fewer than 60 minutes on Facebook & Instagram (combined) per day.

    These are all fitting with my word of the year for 2021 which is PEACE.
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    My Short-term goal is to be good about logging in and keeping honest track of my habits/eating/exercise.

    My intermediate goal is to work more vegetables back into my diet and reduce meat consumption (not eliminate, although I did do that for several years). I eat generally pretty healthy, but often I do not eat enough during the day and then have a carb attack at some point...I want to make sure I am eating regular meals and healthy snacks to make sure I am getting my minimum and maximum calorie requirements.

    Long term is to lose a chunk of weight...I am currently 210 (although you might not guess it to look at me, just look a bit hefty)...a former 160 happy healthy weight girl. I will be happy getting to 175 and then reassessing goals at that point. I am doing it slowly! I am 51, have had several health events since I weighed 165 that worked against me doing an active exercise schedule which prompted the weight gain (although for the past several years I just have never found the time as I get my feet back under me) but for the last 6mos I have been working out 3-5 days a week (at home) and doing things to help slow, steady weight loss (I've lost 10pounds since my OMG moment) I do not have a thyroid gland (surgical removal) so my thyroid stuff is regulated by a pill, which affects my weight will come off, but it is stubborn and slow. I'm always happy with every pound gone and my general goal is 2 pounds per month. I signed up for this platform to help keep me accountable and to reduce 'slips'. slow and steady works great for me as long as I don't lose the ground I gained by gaining back the weight I lost! LOL.
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    I hadn't really sat down to come up with goals, but I need to. Here's some initial thoughts...

    Short term: Get to a healthy weight/BMI for my height - by roughly mid or end of September. End of year at latest. As of this morning that would mean losing 9.4 pounds. I hope to do this by logging my food and trying to stay within my guidelines, and walking or doing Kuk Sool daily.

    Intermediate Goal: ??? Maybe lose a little extra and shoot for closer to the middle of my healthy weight range. So maybe like 125 or 126? That's right in the middle according to CDC BMI calculator, but seems pretty low to me. Maybe more like 130-135. Regain enough strength/flexibility in my wrist to do a cartwheel.

    Long Term Goals: I've never even spoken this one anywhere out loud, but I like the idea of working toward my Black Belt. Currently just barely a yellow, so that would be 5-6 years of hard work, minimum. Maybe longer. After retirement (approximately 7 years from now) I might like to through hike a long trail - Possibly Continental Divide or Pacific Crest. Pacific Crest scares me though as I'm terrified of heights.

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    So, for my immediate goal, I did tally up my activities for the past month, and if I want to improve on last month I need to do better than these numbers:
    Yoga 0
    Solo walks/jogs 0
    Swim time 2
    Hikes 2
    Physical Therapy 18
    Dog walks 40
    "Other" 0
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    In terms of fitness/training/exercise:

    Short term goals: complete the Strong Curves program (currently on week 4 of 8). Deadline: end of July. Also for July, hit up four specific natural areas for my Sunday hikes.
    Intermediate goals: Visit all of the natural areas with walking/hiking trails around the county at least once. There are like 30 of them, I've been to...eight? so far. Soft deadline: before I move away from this area, which gives me probably 2-3 more years. Do a pull-up, just one and I'll be happy. I'll be happy with a chin-up, even.
    Long term goals: Maintain the daily exercise habit that I've cultivated, get better at hiking and go on real hikes (maybe someday do a long through-hike, Appalachian maybe - I've done absolutely no research on this), build a home gym (step one: space, step two: money), get back to lifting heavy in pursuit of getting Ripped As Hell.

    In terms of food/diet:

    Short term goal: Stick to my plan and budget every day. Meal prepping has helped a lot with this.
    Intermediate goal: Cultivate my cooking skills. I'm a good cook but I want to be even better, expand my culinary horizons with ingredients and techniques that are new to me. Learn how to sous-vide.
    Long term goal: Get really good at tracking my food intake. It would be really cool if I didn't have to count calories for the rest of my life. I expect that I will need to, though, since all the data I have show that when I'm not very intentionally trying to eat a certain amount of food each day, my weight goes up. I would like to learn how to eat intuitively but I don't know if I can.

    Other kinds of goals:

    Short term: Do the best I can at work each day, but leave work at work when I come home each night. Be present for and supportive of my husband while he's in school, remind him that he's loved and I'm proud of him. Stay on top of household chores, specifically making sure the dishes are done every night and laundry is done at least once a week. Pay more attention to my finances.
    Intermediate: Cultivate skills and subject-matter expertise at work. Pay down my student loan debt. Acquire more cats and a nice house to keep them in. (Far away from my in-laws, but that's the quiet part we don't say out loud.)
    Long term: Maintain a strong, loving marriage. Travel more. Create and experience more art. Make the world a better place for as long as I'm in it. "My life is dope and I do dope s***" is the general guiding principle here.