Starting over when you fall off the wagon...

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So, I've got a confession to make: I've been hiding for the last week. Because I hit an emotional snag, got depressed, and stopped doing all the things I should do. (Well, not all of them, but several.)

What do you do if you fall off the wagon? What do you tell yourself or think about to get back on it?

What I did this time around was vent on my cancer message board last night, and somebody heard me and was kind enough to send a message. And after reading that, I took some deep breaths, and made the next right choice. And I'm just trying to put one foot in front of the other and keep doing that.

I don't necessarily believe that getting up one more time than you fall down equals success, but it does equal survival, and I decided to start there.


  • TwistedSassette
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    I think if you can survive long enough by getting back up, then you will find success :wink:

    I'm glad you were able to find some support right when you needed it. It's great to have that support system.

    Personally, I fall off the wagon a lot - usually on the weekends when I don't have a routine around me and it's easy to forget to track or get lazy and skip a workout. Sometimes I get into a funk and just don't want to get back on the wagon. It's hard. But it's mostly harder on the mental side for me, than the physical side. So I have to convince my mind to drag my body back onto the wagon. I usually do this by revisiting my goals, making sure they feel achievable and shaking them up if they don't. Sometimes I might find a new group or challenge on MFP to give me a little external motivation. Or sometimes, I just talk myself into doing SOMETHING for my health - which might just be a short yoga session or skipping the dessert I wanted, and sometimes that's enough to make me remember that I have a set of goals I'm aiming for and my recent behaviour isn't getting me closer.
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    When I go over, I break it down to how many more days I have to remain in a deficit. I had a bad day yesterday and went over by 1000 calories. Since my daily deficit is 250, that means I have to stay in a deficit for 4 more days until I reach my goal. At that rate, you can see how it's taken me since January to lose 6 pounds. But, I don't ever skip logging anymore. That's not negotiable for me. Except when on vacation.
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    I think "just making the next right choice" is really the overall key - and if you find yourself in a position where you have to really focus and try in order to make that next right choice, that's 1000% valid.

    I keep reminding myself--less often now that I've been at this for 7+ months, but still occasionally--that this is a lifestyle change. Nothing I'm doing right now is temporary, which also means I have all the time in the world to get it right. Sometimes I need to shift things around and deal with changing plans. And that's OK, I can do that.
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    Yeah. This past week, I've been failing big-time at exercise (outside of the dog walks, and two home yoga sessions). OTOH, I've made some good food choices and done some batch cooking, so there's that.
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    Food is the key to weight loss! Exercise helps and is great for overall wellness, but in service of the goal of weighing less at some future time, getting your food dialed in is way more important.