October 19



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    October 19

    ✅ Exercise - dance workout
    ✅ Calories
    ✅ Tracked

    2 Pass Days Used
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    Exercise: Done.
    Tracked: Yes.
    Within calorie budget: Yes.
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    *Follow UAC rules 👍
    *Continue to maintain weight 👍
    * Track all food including grazing👍
    * Stretch as much as possible 👍
    * Monitor sugars👍
    * Journal write👍
    * Hve me time👍
    * Use complaints free braclet👍
    * Keep phone usage to a minimum👍
  • Oct 19
    Exercise - 15 minute MommaStrong and walking for work, including some real walking through the woods (not on a trail, just over land) which I had not done in a long time and definitely was good exercise. Hard to track that kind of thing, but I estimated and I think underestimated but it still gave me some extra calories
    Tracking - Planned, adjusted the plan to add in some cheese with dinner and a better cookie for my bedtime treat with those extra calories
    Calories - Still under by 50, but again who knows if the estimate was good.

    @StayFITTer that's an interesting daily subject. The graph is a lot to process early in the morning but I think I get it. I am going to think about that when trying to create habits. I don't think I have before. Like you, I tend to do a pairing of a habit with an existing habit - ideally a fun one. I think currently my weight loss related habits are:
    1. pre-planning and pre-tracking the next day's food right after I do the kid bedtime routine before I relax with my daily treat/bedtime snack. It's sort of a simple reward but also makes the whole thing feel like time to care of myself, in different ways. Also there is really no guilt for the bedtime snack because I have double checked the calories before I eat it, so there is also less temptation to feel like "well I'm already eating junk let's just keep going."
    2. my early morning routine is: get up, put on workout clothes, make a decaf matcha almond milk latte, sit and drink it while checking this UAC board. When I finish my latte, post my stuff. Then get up and do my MommaStrong workout. By the time I am finishing that up, other family members come down and the daily chaos begins. Again, the whole thing feels like time for me and my goals in a way that is nourishing rather than punishing (and the sweet warm drink helps make it feel like that).

    But I always struggle in these things with what is a routine and what is a habit? I think I do much better with routines than with habits. For example, I was supposed to do PT exercises many times a day for 5 minutes - the PT kept telling me to make it a habit. All I could manage was incorporating it into the morning and bedtime routine for ~10 minutes each time. I never could fit it in as a "habit" in the middle of doing other things. Maybe if I study that graph some more...
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    @DebyS137 nice work good step numbers 👻

    @Caroline_slowandsteady sounds like you have a good routine or habit, often I think they are interchangeable there’s much to manage in a home with younger children,the morning beverage routine there’s that word again, is one I still follow today.

    @jamcnewman nice work and insight over your holiday these events always test my skills to be cautious with food choices stay the course and prepare for upcoming December eating!!

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    OCT 19
    Exercise ✅ [> 20 min walk]
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    I do like the graph -I just need to think about it more.
    Tracking and calories-didn’t track dinner so not sure on calories
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    Oct 19th

    Track eats/drinks? Yes
    Within calorie budget? Yes
    Exercise? 30min walk
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    Thank you for a great opening

    And ty everyone for your thoughts

    I ended up Googling “BF Fogg Difference between habits & routines” & up popped a great (and kinda funny” video by him.

    Even though I’ve been making habits and using them successfully for multiple years now I still learn a lot from this video.

    I think I’m going to create a weekly routine list like his with sticky notes based on what he shows in the video. You might want to check it out.

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