November 13

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Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes?
Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day?
Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank?


  • SummerSkier
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    Welcome to the Weekend!

    Lets take time to relax and just enjoy Saturday. Perhaps think of one thing that's happened during the day which made you smile?
  • TerriRichardson112
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    Welcome to the weekend. I hope you are finding your way through the new format.

    Once you enter Community click on the 3 bars beside the header and you should get a drop down menu that helps you to navigate the site.

    They have already made changes in response to the many complaints they have received. Let them know what you are not happy with.

    🤔 Change is growth 🤔

    It’s still evolving 😂

    Have a great Saturday.

  • TerriRichardson112
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    🎉 Congratulations 🎉 to those who had 3 x yes today so far:

    🤗 And commiserations to those who had a pass day:
    @jjjcat - it's good thatbyour daughter felt able to trust you to listen
  • SummerSkier
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    edited November 2021
    ✅✅✅. 1 pass days used this month so far

    I am enjoying all the little joys every one is posting. Honestly that makes ME smile.
  • BMcC9
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    Exercise: o:) 2 x more than 25 mins each on walking exergame (plus huge grocery shop) for a total of over 10,583 on the day
    Logged all: o:)
    Under goal: o:)

    What made me smile today? In my walking game (as part of "reinforcement to get you coming back each day) you make a rainbow. I just HAPPENED to make the rainbow at the correct moment for it to create an arc up past the tail / down in front of the nose of the airship as it flew by that particular piece of sky. The timing doesn't always work out so perfectly.

    What made DH smile today? Spotting the cheese&broccoli stuffed frozen chicken pieces I got at the grocery store (not the chain we most commonly shop at)