🟢Post Only Here for a Team Seat Request!🟢New members will be added throughout the challenge

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We will be adding new members to teams throughout the challenge. If you missed the signup, or if you are a new member please request a team "seat" here or send Ceriusly1 an MFP mail

The teams have all been closed for team choice. From this point, seats are placed in order of signup post on this thread only. You MUST have a Team Request in order to be placed with a team.

If you are new to 5% Challenges or want to change things up, plz sign up here and we will get you on a team. Thanks!


  • katiecondy1
    katiecondy1 Posts: 1,561 Member
    time for a change...Any time will be great!
  • SassieFit
    SassieFit Posts: 71 Member
    Any Team!
  • shortmom5
    shortmom5 Posts: 10 Member
    Any team! Connection is key.
  • Mail4mand
    Mail4mand Posts: 12 Member
    Yes Id like to join a team please they all sounded good to me. After nearly 40 years of restrictive diets I have written out a long term plan and decided to just slow it down; a marathon not a sprint right. Id love to have somewhere to check in with others willing to share their journey and inspire. Best wishes Amanda.
  • kamaphia
    kamaphia Posts: 22 Member
    I'm new to 5% challenges, so any team is fine with me.
  • Mirkat833
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    New to the 5% challenge. Any team would be great.
  • BrenM1985
    BrenM1985 Posts: 75 Member
    New here… any team pls 🙂
  • RevivingRachel
    RevivingRachel Posts: 116 Member
    Any team would be great!
  • cynfit4life
    cynfit4life Posts: 67 Member
    I was on several different teams when the 5% Challenge was on SP, and they were all great! Any team is fine with me.
  • cindiblevins
    cindiblevins Posts: 29 Member
    You pick my team. I can't decide! 🙃
  • Giselejoubin2016
    Giselejoubin2016 Posts: 5 Member
    Hello, please assign me to a team. This is my first time
  • Ceriusly1
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  • SassieFit
    SassieFit Posts: 71 Member
    SassieFit wrote: »
    Any Team!

    Actually, any team would be great and I would like to try them all! So any team other than Thinner Winners please :smile: Thanks!
  • k9kiddie
    k9kiddie Posts: 125 Member
    I'd like to be on a team... nothing too hard core.
  • LeniaSty
    LeniaSty Posts: 92 Member
    I have been with Red Hot Chili Steppers and would like to re-join them if a place becomes available. Otherwise, any team is great
  • tdarke1
    tdarke1 Posts: 35 Member
    newby. any team will work. thanks everyone for the support
  • corinasue1143
    corinasue1143 Posts: 7,363 Member
    Please choose a team for me. Thanks!
  • patb58mfp
    patb58mfp Posts: 24 Member
    I'm new here (but actually 64yo). I'm happy to slot in to ANY TEAM.

  • Ceriusly1
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  • rstanford3
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    Any team if fine if you have room for me.