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💺✈Do You Want a Seat on a Plane?Topic Closed

kaliswalker Posts: 1,314 Member
edited January 2023 in Social Groups
If you want a seat please go here


  • lindapost1
    lindapost1 Posts: 3,889 Member
    I couldn't get on-line missed the sign up for PS4L but that is really where I want to be :(
  • catnurse1
    catnurse1 Posts: 3,444 Member
    This wasn't working when I came on earlier, but PS4L is my first choice. If not, any team will work. I'm not picky.
  • kkinnea
    kkinnea Posts: 233 Member
    I didn't get to participate much last challenge, please place me on any team.
  • Kateljm
    Kateljm Posts: 1,742 Member
    edited November 2022
    I'm supposed to be an EL for PS4L, but it seems to be closed at the moment. The winter team wasn't open on 11/26 when I tried to sign up.
  • tslose
    tslose Posts: 420 Member
    I am new to this challenge. I am open to any group. Thank you.
  • FurryWaffles
    FurryWaffles Posts: 9 Member
    I am new and also open to any group!
  • SassieFit
    SassieFit Posts: 119 Member
    Any team please :smile:
  • energyseeker
    energyseeker Posts: 875 Member
    Any team. New to this but motivated.
  • harvest_fairy
    harvest_fairy Posts: 884 Member
    If possible I would LOVE to be on PS4L again, but if not any team.
  • cabwj
    cabwj Posts: 843 Member
    I am new and open to any team.
  • epivan
    epivan Posts: 468 Member
    Missed the message that sign ups had started and Mission Slimpossible is closed already. I'm open to any team, just need the accountability.
  • Semele0
    Semele0 Posts: 114 Member
    Hello, I'm new, I would like to sing up for any team! THanks!
  • SunshineFlGirl
    SunshineFlGirl Posts: 200 Member
    Any team is great. I'm 51 and wouldn't mind being grouped with people my own age if you have any groups like that.
  • heartmendz
    heartmendz Posts: 319 Member
    I would like Mission Slimpossible if a seat opens up. If not, any team will be fine.
  • hollatee
    hollatee Posts: 35 Member
    I would like Mission Slimpossible please if it opens up. Thank you.
  • losemicaroline
    losemicaroline Posts: 742 Member
    If a spot on Fit Force opens, I would like it. If not, any team will be great. :)
  • H118
    H118 Posts: 9 Member
    Any team, please
  • H118
    H118 Posts: 9 Member
    Please disregard that last post, I will not be able to join this challenge. Thank you.
  • Chubbynomore10
    Chubbynomore10 Posts: 1,043 Member
    I am late joining. Have only been a part of Fit Force but if there is no opening, any team will do.
  • danaecasebolt8378
    danaecasebolt8378 Posts: 133 Member
    Any team would be great. Not picky at all I am a friendly person so I get along with anyone.
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