Countdown Activity 2 - Exercise Plan

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Can you ease into fitness now? Could you aim for 20 minutes of daily exercise to gain momentum and surge into the challenge? You can break it into smaller sessions if that helps, but don't mistake being busy for being physically active. You need exercise to have ease of movement, strength to do your daily activities, sleep better, be happier, and not age prematurely. Begin with the end in mind!

Resources - Dust off the scale, put your exercise clothes out where you can see them, pull out the runners, find the gym bag, wash and fill the water bottle, pump up the tires on the bike, find the activity tracker, heart rate monitor, skipping rope, swimsuit, dog leash if you have a dog, take the clothes off the treadmill, find your Walk Away the Pounds video, see what exercise programs are at your gym (or virtual gym), on TV, YouTube, find a Meetup group that walks, dances, or bikes. Just get out there.

Tip - put a pair of runners, jacket, umbrella and a hat in the car so you are ready to walk any time, any where.

Program - Plan on what exercises you actually will do. If you are just starting out aim for consistency; will you walk 20 minutes a day? If you have been exercising for a while can you challenge yourself to increase the intensity or time? Find exercises for upper, core, lower and whole-body exercises. Some household chores are classified as exercise too ie. vacuuming, cleaning the garage, etc. Look at chair exercises if you have mobility issues or to add additional exercise minutes while you watch TV. The professional trainers on YouTube are my favorite; so much variety, intensity and fun!

Some of my favorite YouTube exercises - HASfit, Body Project, Donovan Green and others. There are many to choose from. Also I can multi-task, follow an exercise video and watch a movie or listen to an audiobook at the same time. It helps if I have done the video before. If I have been busy all day, sometimes I do a quick 5 minute chair exercise before bedtime.

Look for some exercise items at the $ Store - dumbbells, kettle bell, resistance bands, a ball, and a skipping rope. It's an easy and inexpensive way to get started.

If you have physical limitations or time constraints be sure to do what is appropriate for you and know that all of us are doing the Challenge together at our own pace.

Help Yourself Over Exercise Hurdles

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Over 110 Cardio Workout Ideas

40 Things to Try When You Don't Want to Work Out

If you need more motivation, think of 10 reasons why you should exercise. What is your #1 reason to exercise?

Write up your 2023 Winter 5% Exercise Commitment. What type of exercise will you do? How many minutes and how often will you exercise? You can post your Commitment here or in your planner, diary or blog.


Winter 5% Challenge Exercise Commitment

Daily - YouTube exercise, walk dog
3 days a week house repairs or yard work

Give yourself the gift of a slimmer healthier body. Make this Challenge the Best Ever!

Check List

Have you got your exercise clothes, runners, water bottle, etc. ready to go?
What is your exercise plan?
Did you post your 2023 Winter 5% Challenge Exercise Commitment?

Please feel free to add your comments, plans, and suggestions here.


  • kaliswalker
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    I think of this often "You need exercise to have ease of movement, strength to do your daily activities, to sleep better, be happier, and not age prematurely."

    I had Covid in July, and I tire easily, get chilled and become fatigued. My focus is on building strength and resilience. December plan minimum 20 minutes of daily exercise and 5,000 steps.

    1) youtube exercises in the morning
    2) walk my dog at noon
    3) regularly walk to the store for small items
    4) use pedaler 5 minutes a day
    5) meet friend for dance class
    6) aim for 100 bpm doing aerobic exercise

    Goal to feel more energized!
  • JennieMaeK
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    Winter 5% Challenge Exercise Commitment
    • Daily - stretching or yoga (there's a great 3 week touch your toes program on Aaptiv that I'll probably do to start, might even repeat it a couple of times
    • 3 day a week - 5k training plan from Garmin. It's 12 weeks, I'm going to start it Monday and it will end March 18.
  • Dianedoessmiles1
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    Winter 5% Challenge Exercise Commitment

    Daily - Slow walking, cleaning so it counts at 10 mins a time. Aiming for 30 mins a day. I am also working on ST though that's mixed into walking at this time.

    Give yourself the gift of a slimmer healthier body. Make this Challenge the Best Ever!

    Check List

    Have you got your exercise clothes, runners, water bottle, etc. ready to go? Yes
    What is your exercise plan? Slowly through out the day because I'll burn more calories this way, but also staying within my health range of 30 mins.
    Did you post your 2023 Winter 5% Challenge Exercise Commitment? I am now and I will on my team when it's up there.

    Please feel free to add your comments, plans, and suggestions here. I'm in heart failure and it's quite the balance. I've not get it yet. But hopefully soon.
  • energyseeker
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    I’m preparing and motivated to start this challenge. My exercise commitment is 20 minutes daily exercise including Abdominal exercise, squats, and wall pushups. Getting outside for walks at least 4 days a week
  • macrat12
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    My weekly commitment is 90 minutes daily consisting of 2 45 min walks or 1 45 min walk and 1 45 min workout.
  • hicim705
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    Countdown Activity 2 - Exercise Plan

    My weekly commitment to begin this Challenge is 30 minutes/day for a **minimum** of 3-4 days per week. My 'go-to' exercise is walking (outside, whenever possible). I rarely do ST, which I know is also important, perhaps I can find something I like to do and ease into a routine to incorporate that. BUT - I will surely commit to:
    3-4 days/week @ 30 minutes (walking) = 90 to 120 minutes/week.
    (Likely will aim for 120+ per week)

    Heidi (hicim705), Captain
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    Overall Co-Leader, Seasonal 5% Challenges (hosted on MFP)
    Co-Leader, Seasonal 5% Challenges ~ Bloggers!!
  • MegLovesHistory
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    I think that an obtainable plan is this:

    1) 20 minutes of exercise daily. I have an exercise bike. My husband also has a MaxPro, which is a cable weight machine. Doing 20 minutes of either of those first thing in the morning (so I don't procrastinate so long it doesn't happen!)

    2) walk the dog on nice days. My pup is overweight like me, and she loves a walk. It's hard to want to go out especially in the wintertime but talking her on walks on non-rainy days is doable!

    3) I am sedentary during the day, working on the computer. When I am done around 1pm I will start to do more cleaning/tidying around the house to balance out all the sitting (and achieve having a cleaner house ha)
  • lavalily
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    * I've been going to the gym to work out with a trainer for an hour, but I plan to go at least one more time each week for at least an hour each time.
    * I will start walking around my new neighborhood. I use a walker, but I can still do the walk as long as I avoid hills that are too difficult.
    * I am revamping my food plan since my eating pattern in retirement isn't what it was when I was a professor.
  • Lessennan
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    I’m aiming for at least 60 mins daily intentional exercise to include cardio, strength and hand/wrist exercises to strengthen grip and ability to open jars.
    For cardio I’ll be on the exercise bike
    Strength and hand stuff I’ll be searching YouTube
  • Retired_Sue
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    I have a commitment of 450 minutes per week for exercise which mainly consists of lots of stretching and doing Pahla B videos five times/ week. Her workouts cover cardio, strength, abs and balance so I get a good variety of exercise when I'm following them consistently. I'll use my treadmill on occasion, possibly some other dance or cardio videos, and walk when I have places to go that are within walking distance for me. I'll get a little extra cardio exercise when I'm singing with my choir a couple of times a month and directing.
    My workout clothes are always ready to go and my water bottle is always handy on the counter so I can fill it up before my workouts. Exercise is generally the first thing that I do in the morning after emptying my dishwasher and doing my breakfast prep.
  • cormierannie
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    I have an exercise commitment of at least 700 minutes per week. this will include stretching, yoga, exercise videos, walking, dancing, strength training, running. i like to try different kinds of exercise each week. i keep my workout clothes ready to go. i also keep my water bottle handy so i can fill it up before my workouts and during my workouts if i need to do so. i also keep an umbrella handy so if it is raining when i am going for a walk, i can go and stay dry.
  • ruffit1
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    Just to keep pushing.myself to k÷ep moving. Want ot walk more and do my steps the house more. Any movement will be a plus.
  • katiecondy1
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    I too am doing the Pahla B exercises, I even do a few of good ole Richard Simmons Dancing to the Oldies when I can ( can't right now due to funky knee). Goal of 450 hours a week is realistic right now, that includes Tia chi and yoga .
  • mtngrl
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    Winter 2023 5% Challenge Exercise Commitment
    120 minimum cardio broken down into at least 20 minutes at a time sessions
    SST - sweaty strength training 3 times a week using dumbbells or bands
  • dmsl977
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    When the gym I signed up for opens up in late January, I will be attending group fitness classes like zumba, HIIT, and yoga. In the mean time and on other days, I plan on walking more. I live in a lovely area next to a lake and a golf course with designated walking trails. I just need to USE them. My goal is a minimum of 30 minutes a day, working up to 60 minutes a day.
  • WinterflowerSP
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    I am planning to exercise a total of 30 min a day split between cardio and strength training. Cardio exercises will include using my re-bounder, treadmill, walking outdoors by whatever means I have to i.e. snowshoeing, snowbooting, or walking. ST exercises will include my PT exercise and using hand weights, bench, bands, and fitness ball. Jerri
  • cassique
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    What type of exercise will you do? Rowing with Holofit--complete the daily challenges 5 times a week, and the monthly challenges.

    Considering doing a BOD strength workout that is 20 minutes a day--but those trainers really annoy me. Someone suggested doing it on mute so I will try that. But I probably will not be renewing my BOD after it expires in April.

    How many minutes and how often will you exercise? At least 20 minutes a day. I need to start with a lower bar or else getting started would be harder.
  • SassieFit
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    Winter 5% Challenge Exercise Commitment

    - 30 minutes of movement daily
    - At least 45 minutes of yoga weekly
    - Strength training at least twice per week
  • marg750me
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    For now walking Milo 3x's a day, 30min stretching

    Rejoining Y Then
    1. walk Milo 2x's a day
    2. Exerswim morning every other Mon, every Wed, Fri
    3. Aqua Zumba morning Tues , Thur
    4. Strength, stretching afternoon Mon-Fri