Biggest Loser - 5th Challenge


The Basics (which will stay the same for the next few weeks!)

Wk 5 challenge runs from February 4th - February 10th .
Captains xls must be updated by 12pm Est on February 11th. As a captain, you can update the xls starting that Friday, February 10th, anytime after 12pm Est. (yes I did change the time, I am giving you a full day to get this done now. Please email me as well on MFP that you have finished updating your teams XLS tab.)

On each team, the person with the highest % of weight loss has IMMUNITY. (until I we are down to a smaller group)
Each team will have a chance for Immunity as well, this will be the team with the highest % of weight loss (until I we are down to a smaller group).

Eliminations will be based on the lowest % of weight loss for that weigh in. The two teams with the lowest amount will have two people up for Elimination. Each of those two people will email me (subject must say the week, team... example Week 1, Bluesers) and then in the body, you will tell me what you did for the week and why you should say. I will decide which one from each team stays, and we will move the other two people into the "At Home Prize" Category.
Eliminations will change up a bit, as we dwindle to the end. I will keep you updated on that as well. .

Here is the link again, in case you want to watch what happens each week or check your info. (I will update the main team tab once all of the weights have been updated on each tabs xls.)

Week 4 Winners

Cooking Challenge – Immunity Winner is Dzrogers

Cooking Challenge – 2lb Advantage Winner is Allycat and Shanna

Mountain Climbers – Immunity Winners – Sigsone with 2800 mountain climbers

Mountaine Climbers 1lb Advantage Winners – Soccer8s with 2710 mountain climbers



1. Do not forget that plis are due this Monday, 2/6/12 at 8pm.
An explanation is on the Superbowl challenge.

2. Our weekly team challenge is Steps. We all have some sort of steps around us, weather inside our outside of our house.
We have done a lot of upper body/floor work, so I figured we would do something standing up.

Using the steps in your home, you can do repetitions which will tone your leg muscles. (Just remember to be careful!)

Each repitition is after both the left and right have done a step. So right foot on the step, left foot on the step is one
repition. If you have a stepper, even better! I wish I had one!!

There is not going to be a cooking challenge this week. We are using the 'Superbowl Challenge" for this week.


  • chelsea_thatsme
    chelsea_thatsme Posts: 138 Member
    Yay!!! I like this challenge! It seems fun and effective!!! I will start on them this evening!!!
  • jbrown78
    jbrown78 Posts: 78 Member
    Shout out to the mountain climber winners!! That is amazing!:love:
  • cantjustcant
    cantjustcant Posts: 1,027 Member
    oh no!!!! I can honestly tell you that I have no steps in my life! Oh wait there is one on mom's porch, but she lives on other side of town....ok off to Lowe's to build me a step!
  • cantjustcant
    cantjustcant Posts: 1,027 Member
    Well maybe! I am a little concerned that we will even have a black team next week!!!
  • cmcravens
    cmcravens Posts: 53 Member
    Sounds great being I do have alot of steps in my home. basement and attic. I also climb steps at school, I don't take the elevator it's only one flight. maybe `15-20 step climbing. I will diffently count them this week.
  • KerriMx5
    KerriMx5 Posts: 569 Member
    Sounds good. I need to get back to my stairs.
  • mrsdizzyd84
    mrsdizzyd84 Posts: 424 Member
    Umm I only have 1 step in my house. LOL Can I use the stair climber at my gym?
  • the_new_robin2016
    the_new_robin2016 Posts: 97 Member
    I'm out of this challenge :-( doc says no strenuous activity for atleast a week...... gotta go to the chiropractor for 3 more times this week... irritating. Goodluck everyone!
  • So if we don't have any stairs anywhere, home or work even, can we use a chair and count that as two steps??
  • blueyegrl
    blueyegrl Posts: 248 Member
    OMG, I can totally do the stepper challenge! YAY! I have a step from when I used to do the Firm. YAY! So it's just how many we can do in total for the week right? And you need the numbers for Friday the 10th?
  • soccer8s
    soccer8s Posts: 331 Member
    Can't wait for this one...I have a mini-stair stepper at work...and I do it at the gym!!! Woo hoo....
  • shelleytobefit
    shelleytobefit Posts: 65 Member
    Perfect for me!! I am training for "Trek the Tower" at the end of this month so I am all about stairs. It has 40 floor & 870 steps from the ground floor to the top of our tallest building in Omaha so I have been doing a TON of stairs :)
  • A chair is fine and can count as two.
    The stepper thing at the gym is fine too!
  • jsnipes3
    jsnipes3 Posts: 2 Member
    Love this challenge
  • I have 3 finished floors in my house and run up and down them what feels like a million times a day, on a normal day. When I first moved here, my legs would get tired and sore, just from my everyday normal life.

    I'll see if I can keep track!
  • krista010105
    krista010105 Posts: 149 Member
    does elliptical count as steps??