Protein powder

Nataliaho Posts: 878 Member
Hi guys, does anyone know if protein powder is considered safe during pregnancy?


  • Kirsty_UK
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    I'd just bought two massive tubs before I found out I was pregnant - I'm now 17 weeks, and they're sat unopened.

    I did some reading online, and though there's nothing to say that they aren't safe to use, there haven't been tests done, and I'm generally avoiding as much processed food and extra additives as I can. I don't feel like I need protein powder at the moment, so I've just chosen not too.
  • FitMama2013
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    I did some research on the brand I used to use, and it said it was not safe for pregnant women. I think some brands may be okay though - you may want to do some independent research and take it to your OBGYN during your next appointment and ask him/her, just to make sure!
  • mrsmustgetmuscles1
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    I didn't even think about it not being safe to drink...guess I need to do some research. I've been drinking CytoSport 100% Whey in the morning to boost my protein for the day. I sometimes do ok without it, but am still eating a protein bar before working out which helps.
  • rachypompa
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    My protein powder (EAS Whey) says consult doctor before taking if pregnant or breastfeeding, which kind of gives the impression it's probably OK! I haven't been taking it, but it was on my list to ask midwife!! Livestrong website gives the impression it's a good idea, and may stave off odd cravings/ tiredness etc.
  • KTGator
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    I asked my doctor about continuing to use protein powder while pregnant, and she wasn't the least bit concerned about it!