Why Are You Here?

Something that has helped me keep on track is staying focused on why I'm on this journey to begin with. I thought it would be fun to see all the different reasons why people are on the journey to healthy habits with me. :)

Some of mine are:
- I am about to get a chest tattoo. It's a big, beautiful painting and I don't want the appreciation of it to be taken away from by my body. I want my body to reflect the beauty of this tattoo and I also want to be able to wear strapless tops and have them look nice on me so I can really flaunt this piece and let myself and people I meet fully enjoy its beauty.

- My husband is fit because of his body type and his job. I can't take photos with him because I look so awful standing next to him. It shames me greatly and I can't deal with looking at photos of us that were taken after I started gaining.

- Soda addiction. Before our move I was utterly hooked on Pepsi. I had 2-4 every single day. It was really bad. I am now managing to develop a healthy balance between water and soda where I am now only having a couple sodas a week, which is what I really wanted. I initially thought I could only get down to one a day, but some perseverance and a solid exercise schedule has got my body craving water more than soda and I am finally kicking my addiction and giving my body what it really needs.

So, those are my reasons. Why are you on the journey to a healthier lifestyle?


  • renee_chan
    renee_chan Posts: 10
    Well, I'm getting older and there's so much I want to do. Hiking and backpacking trips, white water rafting, all sorts of outdoors activities. And right now, I'm just not fit enough to really enjoy those things. I want to be fit and healthy so I can do physically demanding things without feeling like I'm dying. Plus I want to fit into my skinny jeans again.
  • betrayedbyb0nes
    betrayedbyb0nes Posts: 5 Member
    I'm trying my best to stay out of hospital. My prospective career and university is quite possibly my greatest reason to keep battling, and should I be put into inpatient care again, I will miss the start of college.. which will possibly cause me some difficulties, and it won't look fantastic either.

    I also don't want to undo all of the work and progress attained earlier on in the year. It's already looking that way, but I want to prove to the people who have looked after me.. all of those doctors and nurses, my specialist, my dietician.. I want to show them that I can do this, that I am still fighting, and I don't want to disappoint them after all they've done.

    Above all, I know this illness will kill me if I deteriorate. So I'm fighting for survival.
  • fiwen30
    fiwen30 Posts: 10
    I want to create and maintain healthy eating and excercise habits. For 21 years I've been slim and petite, yet my diet has always been desperately unhealthy. Honestly, I don't know how I havn't sustained serious health problems from my poor eating since childhood. I want to *know* that I am healthy, not just look it to other people. I want to develop the strength, stamina and fitness that should go with being slim, and that I lack. For me, the clothes size, number on the scale and measurements on the tape aren't enough anymore.
  • Jovahan_Flora17
    I'm here because I want to gain some weight. I'm 5'6 and I weight 110lbs! it may sound good, but I want to have more of a figure!:heart: