2022 WINTER Positively Strong - 1 #### Invitations have been sent, so watch for yours!

We are a very Enthusiastic, Encouraging, Competitive team as we fly around the world visiting amazing places. Working on being healthy while living our lives to the fullest now and into the future! Our theme is “Progress, not perfection” with no judgments, we encourage positive reinforcement while achieving our goal to be --POSITIVELY STRONG 4 LIFE!

WELCOME TO THE PS4L TEAM where your biggest DREAM is in your control with the support we have!! SO DREAM BIG and be POSITIVELY STRONG 4 LIFE!!

Our leaders are: Diane (Dianedoessmiles1) Katie (Katiecondy1, Cheri (Cheririddell) Linda (Lindiemaep) and Cat (Catwmncat) we are here with you!