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  • Hi Everyone! I'm hoping to make a lifestyle change because my eating is getting out of control. I'm currently 147lbs at 5'0" and I'm hoping to get down to 115lbs by the end of December. I also start school in August, so I'm hoping to get healthy habits before then and at least kick off my weight loss. My goal is to lose at…
  • Date: December 5th (PASS DAY 2) Exercise: kind of Calories: nope Tracked: yes We drove 7hrs today and I ended up stress eating chocolate. We drive 12hrs back home tomorrow--hopefully we'll find 20min to exercise and stay within our calories!!
  • Date: December 5 (PASS DAY) Exercise: no, driving out west Calories: so close! But no Tracked: yes
  • Date: December 4 Exercise: yes, 10,000 steps Calories: yes Tracked: yes
  • Date: December 3 Exercise: yes, 11,000 steps Calories: yes Tracked: yes
  • Date: December 2 Weight: 145.8lbs (30.8lbs to lose) Exercise: yes, 10,000 steps including 30min treadmill Calories: yes Tracked: yes
  • Date: December 1 Starting weight: 147.8lbs (32.8lbs to lose) Exercise: yes, 10,000 steps, 20min Just Dance Calories: yes Tracked: yes
  • Ashland Ohio!
  • Hello! I'm 5'1" from Ohio and my goal is to lose 30lbs by June 2018. The most difficult thing for me to manage is absolutely my diet and staying on track (I'm not consistent with MFP), so I look forward to this challenge for some support and motivation!
  • Hi! I have 32-37lbs to lose, so I'm right there with you! :)
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