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  • Sw 150 Cw 144.6 Gw 140 Ugw 130 Getting closer! Also on my last 2 weeks of Jillian Michaels body revolution! And had a HUGE BINGE at a friend's birthday party. It was ok at the time but took me 2 days to recover. It was awful!! Lol I still lost 2 lbs thus week though so I ain't 'plaining!
  • I just recently had my AH-ha moment! My boyfriend loves fast food and I used too (I mean technically I still do, I just like feeling good better lol) and the past week he's been wanting me to go to Wendy's and I would put it off because really nothing sounded good. I'd just go to the store and make some home cooking…
  • Start weight 150 current weight 146 Goal weight 140 ultimate goal weight 130 -4lbs yay!!!! Just started week 10 Jillian Michaels body revolution!
  • Just checking in! Cw 147.8 Gw 140 Ugw 130 -2.2 lbs do far! Whoooooo!
  • I'm on week 8 right now and I've lost 12 lbs and lots of inches around my body. My clothes are fitting again and I'm definitely stronger. I plan to restart the program at the end and do the challenge versions of the exercises which is what a lot of people suggest you do. It's totally worth it and such a great program!!!…
  • 5'6" female age 25 Cw 150 Gw 140 Ugw 130 Let's do this! 6 more weeks in my Jillian Michaels body revolution too!
  • I'm about to finish this diet and it's going fairly well. I wanted to give some pointers though that I thought may help others. These are things I had to figure out on my own but I know there's gotta be others like me. Anyway here goes. Right now I'm on day 5 and I just got used to the yogurt with no sweetener. Once your…