• Start Weight(Jan 1st): 222.3lbs Last Week(Jan 8th): 218.4lbs Current Weight(Jan 15th): 213.4lbs Thats 8.9lbs down in two weeks, I cannot emphasize how important tracking everything I eat and how much water I drink on MFP has been.
  • Hi! I'm Michael, I'm 22 and from Wexford in Ireland. It's the bottom right corner in an area nicknamed the 'sunny south-east', although at the moment the winter cold is here to stay! I'm currently still on break from university, I'm in my final year of a Marketing degree. I only started with myfitnesspal and…
  • Start Weight(Jan 1st): 222.3lbs Current Weight(Jan 8th): 218.4lbs Down 3.9lbs in one week. Also started training for a half marathon on Jan 1st, race is March 7th. Out running every day which is probably helping a lot. Contacting a charity to run it for them has kinda forced my arm and made me really commit to it, which is…
  • Current weight: 222 lb Challenge goal weight: 202 lb Ultimate goal weight: 185 lb Lbs to lose for challenge: 20