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  • Name: Joan Age: 61 Height: 5'4" Start Weight (1st January): 173.6 lbs Goal Weight (1st February): 169.4 lbs 1st January: 173.6 lbs 8th January: 15th January: 22nd January: 29th January: 1st February: Weight lost/gained this week: Weight lost/gained this month: Successes/struggles this week:
  • I also find this confusing. I weight160pounds with about 30% body fat. Based on your calculation, I should consume 112g protein/day (448calories) and 53g fat/day (480calories) or 928 calories from fat and protein. I am trying to lose weight and estimate 1,200 calories per day - this leaves 272 calories for carbs, or about…
  • Starting weight: 163.4 Easter Goal weight: 143.4 Ultimate Goal weight: 130