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  • I'm going to do mini rewards every 10 lbs: mani-pedi, something new for my hobby, new exercise wear. Stuff I'd probably do any how but I won't feel guilty about lol!
  • I like Celebrate 3 in 1 powder. I've only tried the black cherry and it's quite tasty. I use mixed with plain water or added to a vanilla protein shake. It dissolves easily. No significant aftertaste, to which I'm pretty sensitive. I like that it includes fiber! Wish it included probiotics, too. I'm looking forward to…
  • The only thing I liked about Baritastic was the recipes. I find MFP much more comprehensive. Just wish I could set custom reminders and have more than 3 meal and a snack categories. I'd pay for premium if it had more customization.
  • Same here. RNY Jan 9, 2017. Looking for buddy(s) to share ideas/motivation/resources.
  • Sarah did you find anyone to chat with? I just had my RNY Jan 9. I'm looking for someone to share info/questions/motivation. Send a pm!