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  • Amazing transformation! And it's great to see another CUBS fan on here! Your story and pics are very inspirational and motivational! Thank you for sharing your story.
  • What an amazing story! Great job!
  • So how does this work? Are we sharing our losses? Is there a format we should be entering our info in our replies?
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  • I just did my first one today.
  • @katie22mfp - I do not see groups under community. Is it under something else?
  • @katie22mfp - awesome! I'll totally post there when I do my first weigh in!
  • So far this week, I have logged every bite of food, and stayed within my calorie range. I also got in a 2 mile walk on Monday evening and was able to go on a 6 mile bike ride after a crummy day at work yesterday. Having a good sweat really seemed to improve my mood and caused me to sleep like a baby.
  • @cheers2012 - I already feel better after saying my deepest thoughts out loud (well typed out in this forum for all to read).
  • @TJnTexas - you are doing awesome! And the path you are taking is one I think I can follow. The overall goal is hard to swallow and intimidates the hell out of me, so it's the mini goals that I feel comfortable focusing on.
  • @katie22mfp - where can I find your weekly weigh in group?
  • I've been in denial about myself being my own worst enemy for my weight. I too thought I had a thyroid problem, or a hormonal imbalance. Even went to the doctor to have my levels all checked, and was sad when them came back in normal range. (I know I should have been grateful I was in healthy ranges but then that meant I…
  • Thank you to all for the encouragement and support. It has taken me a good while to get to this point, the point where I refuse to let myself stop me from becoming the person I want to be. It was a combination of fear of failing and living in denial, I was my own roadblock. I know having a support system will help with…
  • JeromeBarry, yes five weeks may sound like a very small goal, but I feel it is a good goal for me to personally start with. From going to not exercising and not tracking my calories to implementing both in my lifestyle, I think mentally it is easier for me to have a mini goal, and then expand it from there. Ultimately, the…
  • Hi Robbina. Yes, it definitely didn't happen overnight. And I know the gimmicks don't work, "take these two pills" and all your hunger disappears, or try this shake. I realize it's all about burning more calories than I consume and I think this site is the place to help me accomplish just that. Between the food/exercise…
  • Druasmith, that's the truth!
  • I seriously did type more than my previous reply but that's all that posted. Measuring everything out sounds like one of the keys to success. Portion control is definitely my biggest challenge.
  • Zoeysasah~ thank you, I do have a food scale that I pulled back out,.
  • Thank you so much CrabNebula! MFP has my calories recommended at 1770 and that's with being lightly active and hoping to lose 2 lbs/week. I know some weeks I won't lose the 2 lbs and I'm okay with that, but this will help me start making healthier decisions as the calculator won't lie. Fortunately, I am not a pop drinker…
  • Please add me. The more accountability partners the better. I have had a desk job for the past 12 years. No kids. Just me and my husband. In the past year my weight has sky rocketed. I gained over 30 lbs which brings me to a place where I need to lose close to 80 lbs. I am 5'11'' and I weighed 257 today. My first goal is…