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  • I was going to suggest it could be low electrolytes which can be a keto symptom, but I don't think your carbs are low enough for it to be that. Make sure you're staying hydrated and getting enough sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Good luck!! I know that's not fun. I hope you get to the bottom of it.
  • I'm five days VSG post op. Obviously I'm in a different place than you and my body is still adjusting, but my gas has been bad. My stomach is constant rumbling and then it makes it's way through my system. I tried the gas-x strips and it made the gas stop instantly! Might help you too!
  • Hey there! I have currently finished all the requirements and they are getting ready to submit to insurance. I'm not to hopeful though because my insurance requires a 2 year weight history and I haven't been to the doctors in the last two years. I pulled a couple of records from 4-5 years ago but I don't think it will be…
  • I'm 5'4", 245 and usually an 18/20 in pants. XL or 1X in shirts
  • There's absolutely no reason to be ashamed. I feel self conscious out in public sometimes but I never feel self conscious in the gym. I'm there to get healthy and that's that. I have felt bad about a lot of things but I never feel bad after exercising or making choices that have a positive affect on my life. There's always…