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  • I mix ensure plus chocolate with fruit and extra protein powder. Blend and freeze. Thaw for 30 sec. Makes a fantastic shake. I love them!
  • I agree. Although the ingredients are not in my list of normal items to eat they are super helpful for those recovering from EDs. They also contain lots of nutrients and vitamins. I am breastfeeding my son and desperately trying to even maintain my weight as he's taking so much from me. Even with over 3200 cal per day I'm…
  • Same situation here! Baby took everything during pregnancy and everything now. I'm 5.7 and only 100 pounds. Never been huge but I'm eating over 3000 cal per day and still not able to gain. Want to be around 115-120. I hate how I look. I don't look like a 33 year old mother of 2!
  • Very very similar situation here. BF takes so much out of me. I only gained 12 pounds with my second son and lost 20. I'm now ensuring I get above 3000 cal per day. I'm adding so much throughout the day. I was 116 at 5,7 which is still underweight but I've always been small. Now I'm pushing 100. I need to gain. Lots and…
  • 33 yr old female. Just had my second baby. Breastfeeding and lost too much weight. Always had weight issues and anorexia as a teen. Now 5 foot 7 and 100 pounds. Need a good 15-20. Trying to work hard at this goal for my sons. Needing support as well. Nice to meet you all!