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  • I have about 40 more pounds to go until goal! :)
  • That is all too familiar to me. My grandma often commented on my weight and that I should really watch what I eat. Then she would fill the house with bad temptations. Being on my own I am able to leave the temptations at the grocery store where they belong lol :)
  • 4/29/2015 heathergshea we were almost WLS twins :)
  • I went through some similar events. My grandma bless her, has always believed that food equals love. She was always offering me food that I should not be eating throughout my entire life. I would visit her in the summer and as a child I would gain as much as 20 pounds just in the short visit with her. After I underwent the…
  • Thanks for the post, you give me hope that I will someday reach that point. I am new to this whole experience I take it day by day. Congrats !!!
  • Wow great work your look great! You can add me I am 3 weeks out
  • @joysie1970 I'm glad I am not the only one I feel that way too. Today is my 2 week mark, I started soft food today as requested by my surgery. Since I am new at this whole thing I feel like I am not doing it right; however, I have to have faith that I am. Did you experience low energy in the first 2 weeks? I feel like I…