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  • Fantastic - you look a bit like Idris Elba now!
  • I have not logged onto mfp for a while, but am I ever glad I did this morning! The oh-so-humble line hidden mid-post to say that you have lost 250lbs deserves a huge bold italic font with three lines of happy face emojis around it!! Love your style of writing - have you ever considered writing a book?
  • How are you feeling today? I am one day behind you - Week 3 Run 1 completed...Phew! So far I have only been using the treadmill, but a nice lady who sold me some lovely trainers yesterday said that some outdoor runs should also be done...
  • You sound super motivated! Exciting times ahead for you! Feel free to add me! 🤗
  • I have restarted the C25k program...this is about my third attempt. I am going so slowly that it’s more like fast walking. I was on week 3, but accidentally played week 2 again! Doh!