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  • k onda? So ok. I just turned 37 and almost to the BIG 40...and I am nervous. I have always wanted to see my abs, but time is running out. I fear they may be lost forever if I don't do something quick. Used to weigh 260 lbs at 5'10" and was able to drop it to 192 lbs about 4 years ago. Kind of crept up to 205 and looking to…
  • BTW there are lots of articles floating out there on some possible good side effects to being on metformin. So it is not all bad news.
  • I have been on and off metformin for about 9 years or so and I have never had any side effects or ill feelings. I was even on a combination of metformin in the morning and lantus at night and still no issues. Now I am on glucovance and still no issues. I think every body is different.
  • I am new. I need friends. Not creepy ones. Ok, maybe some creepy ones. As long as they are friendly creepy it is alright. Not acceptable creepy Borderline acceptable creepy