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  • exercise: yes - 2 walks Calories: yes Tracking: yes Pass days used: 1/3
  • terrible day today. wasnt in a good head space. went over 100 calories :-( was not practicing mindful eating. cant let this happen two days in a row. exercise: yes stay within calorie budget: NO tracked: yes pass: using 1/3 for today
  • Hashi here! i was diagnosed at 8 yrs old so i have really dealt with it my whole life.
  • Exercise: yes, only 20 minutes- missed my lunchtime workout :-( (work called) Calories: yes Tracking: yes Pass day: 0/3 i have trouble getting all my calories in. when i eat healthy, it just doesnt add up and i hate eating when i am not hungry. Trying to up my morning calories so I don't keep running into that problem.
  • Exercise: yes, outdoor walk 25 minutes, 10 sets of stairs! tracked: yes calories: yes pass days used: 0/3 Also i joined the run the year challenge (i will be walking-2021 miles!) Keep up all the great work everyone!! 3 days down!
  • Hello all. This is my first month UAC. looking forward to it as i figure it will help me stay focused. I hope to lose 40 lbs and learn to eat heathier. I also want to get in better physical condition- the 20 min a day could be where I fail, but I am here to give it a try. oh, and by the way I am from Ohio, USA. Thanks for…
  • Exercised: Yes - outdoor walk, 2 miles in 30 minutes Calories: Yes Tracked: Yes Pass Days used: 0/3
  • @AnnPT77 - thank you! you're right, a gradual approach will help. i had enough calories left tonight so i let myself have a small ice cream cone. I guess i dont have to have that instant revolution- if it fits into my calories for the day, at least in the beginning, its ok. thanks again!
  • Welcome back! I too am a repeat customer:-)